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Namn Trends Surfer

I work in the oilfield, Typically working away from home 75%+ of the time. Basically in Oil land & offshore rigs.
The money is alright, but The price is too high having to be away from my family & friends for such longs periods.
I started thinking about Forex early 2014, while I only started considering learning trading early 2015.
I started doing a lot of intensive researches & Video training courses mid February.
Starting mid February 2015 I started applying what I am learning and composing my won strategy into my 1st demo account step by step.
I am trying to gain some confidence now by the results I am achieving.
Early in April 2015 I have also linked my account to Zulu to add a challenging factor to myself.
If I prove to myself that I can trade with consistent profits until August, I will consider trading with a real account, start growing it in the same manner, and hoping to do it as a career.
Any Advise, and recommendations, any observations on my account are very much appreciated.

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