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HYCM Recension av poäng

Sammanlagd poäng: 4.7 / 5

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HYCM Diskussion

12 inlägg
When I found out that this company has been operating for many, many years and is very successful - I decided to open an account here .. And you know .. I do not regret it. Everything is really good here. Orders are executed quickly and there is a choice of account. I first chose the fix and then switched to the standard. I liked floating spreads better. Otherwise, everything is fine too.
16 inlägg
I’m satisfied with my choice. I’m not interested in bonuses and points for activity. Instead, I first value reliability. When you know that you can withdraw your money at any time, it gives peace of mind.
15 inlägg
I am satisfied with this broker.
That’s a universal brokerage service for me. It’s because I can not only conveniently trade a wide range of assets but also improve my knowledge of trading. Also, HYCM has a big reputation because it has been working on the Forex for more than 40 years. So, this service is really reliable.
I’m the kind of person who is assured that it’s never too late to learn, and it’s a good thing that this brokerage company offers a unique educational service that allows this broker to stand out from its competitors.
You can understand everything when an educated person explains it to you in person. My coach helped to understand many nuances of fundamental analysis that I didn’t realize before.
10 inlägg
I have been working with HYCM for a year, and I have something to write about it. Also, some reviews about it are harmful, and I haven't found the brokerage's disadvantages.
I decided to start trading because I was looking for an additional opportunity to earn money, and besides, I wanted to spend more time on self-development. As it seemed to me, trading includes both my wishes and I decided to try it.
It turned out that finding a reliable broker that you can trust is quite tricky. But then I found a brokerage that has been working in the market since 1977, and during this time, it managed to create and maintain a relatively positive reputation.
So I decided to give this broker a chance and open a Classic account because it has the best trading conditions. I have read much about it on HYCM reviews.
And now, as I have already written, a year has passed since I started working with this broker. So far, I have no complaints or disappointments about the broker or its work.
Of course, I have had some small questions or misunderstandings during trading, but client support has always helped me. So I am glad that my broker is HYCM, and I will continue trading with it.
13 inlägg
Among the definite pluses of this brokerage company, I can definitely mention the availability of normal trading platforms and different types of spreads. But there are some problems with analytics, because despite the fact that the market is changing, everything is pretty standard here, but I still wish the company would remember that everyone works with different specifics and offer a bit more useful things that I can use in practice. This is my personal wish.
13 inlägg
You know that when it comes to long-term trading you need to be confident in your broker because you want to be assured that you can hold your trades even for a year or longer and then close it in the green area. A respected regulated broker is a must-have component here. It doesn’t need to provide many features. It just needs to be reliable. HYCM meets this requirement. I hold a BTC trade with this broker for more than a year and also trade major currencies on D timeframe here. I’m satisfied with what I have here.
22 inlägg
I have been passionate about market research and the world of investment since high school. Together with my brother, we saved up money and bought shares :) To date, my experience in investing and the Forex market is over 12 years.
I started trading on my own in 2014. Online brokerage companies were beginning to emerge. I have tried different trading conditions and types of trading. Trading has become a job and a favorite thing for me. I created several accounts at once with different brokers and traded there on different conditions: -low spreads for my short-term trading (scalping). -minimum commissions for stop-loss or take-profit; -and, of course, leverage. HYCM got me interested in 2017 It is FCA regulate which is very nice.
I used different trading platforms for my experience with the Forex market. Luckily for me, the only software available (MT4 / MT5) were my favorites)). But, I will hope that the broker will acquire a couple more licenses for popular platforms in the future. Various trading attracts and I think that HYCM knows about it :) So, the broker is reliable. I think the most important and the first thing you should know about a broker is RELIABILITY. And in this, HYCM does not fail. Also, payments go through quickly, but there are occasional delays. I think this is an insignificant drawback. I advise you to choose a broker based on real people's reviews in public or YouTube videos. Good luck!
8 inlägg
This is not difficult to find the broker that is has nice trading conditions and is regulated. These factors are important, but this is more important how well they execute your orders and whether they cheat with quotes. Nothing like that happens with this one, this is why I've been using it for years.
12 inlägg
I don’t regret joining this brokerage service. But I should stress that I use it solely to trade stocks. The matter is that the branch of the broker I work with offers low leverage. To be exact, I trade stocks with 1:5 leverage here. It’s due to regulation restrictions. You may think that it’s very low, but on the other hand stock trading is usually all about low leverage. Stock trading suggests buying or selling a lot of stocks and holding trades for a long. A long period when you are holding your trades compensate low leverage. When it comes to holding trades for a long time, it’s crucial to choose a reliable broker. HYCM is one of them. It boasts over 40 years of working in the financial markets.
8 inlägg
Why haven't I worked with fixed spreads before? There are no problems with them. Everything is under control. Thanks to hycm for this opportunity.
11 inlägg
I often read about brokers because I actively trade with many different ones. So, I occasionally came across hycm reviews and learned about this broker. My first impression was quite positive because I’m prone to trusting veteran brokers. As a rule, they have many advantages over brokerage companies started in the 2000s. Unfortunately, younger projects are often unregulated and therefore, have many liquidity issues. That’s why I feel more confident with veteran brokers.
Under a positive impression, I opened an account with this broker. I chose a Raw account due to very low spreads. As I expected, the trading process with this company was good with no hassle and manipulation.
The broker offers Metatraders and you can’t find any other trading platforms here. However, that’s an optimal choice of conservative traders.
Besides this, I should note that I had no problems with withdrawals. The broker sent me the requested amounts on time. It greatly motivates to keep trading with this brokerage service.
14 inlägg
I’ve been trading on a Raw account for half a year and I appreciate this experience. I chose it for scalping because of very low spreads. Some folks tell that variable spreads tend to suddenly widen a lot. I didn’t notice that on this account.
12 inlägg
Devers posted:
What do you say about HYCM webinars?
The workshops held by Mr. Coghlan from time to time I highly recommend. Especially if you trade long term. He manages to give excellent forecasts on most of the instruments for a long-term trends.
As for the weekly market overviews, that depends on how willing you are to rely on somebody else's opinion on the market. Soem people find it distracting and even psychologicaly difficult to make own grounded decisons under the pressure of expert's opinion.
13 inlägg
Many traders will agree that hycm reviews really only reflect a part of the company's advantages, which are expressed in the quality of the service and in the fact that here you can easily withdraw money and generally work in a fairly safe mode.
But when you start working here personally, you understand that the biggest secret of this company lies precisely in the fact that you can work here calmly and always get help if you have a question or doubt the decision you have made, because they work here real professionals - qualified managers who have complete information about the market and the functionality of the brokerage company, and if you have any problem, you can always contact them and get timely advice so that you can continue your work and everything went quickly and qualitatively. It seems to me that this is significant for many and I am grateful for that.
11 inlägg
It's a shame that hycm reviews do not reflect the comfort that you as a customer experience working on their platforms. And to be honest, this impression arises not so much because there is a good trading terminal or some analytical resources, but precisely because of the loyal and attentive attitude to traders who often face some difficulties and obviously need help right now.
And for these purposes, there are definitely competent managers who are ready to answer any question that interests you at any time. Personally, they immediately helped me with the withdrawal of money, when the payment system did not allow my money to pass - we just chose another resource, formalized everything and after a few hours I received my money. I think that
it’s cool that they help customers in such a way - because on the one hand, this forms a positive image of the company. On the other hand, this is just the right step, because it is part of the service.
And in general, problems with the withdrawal of money are extremely rare here, because everything is organized accurately, which means that you can not worry about the safety of money.
8 inlägg
What do you say about HYCM webinars?
14 inlägg
This company is regulated, which already implies a secure storage of customer data.
Simply don't leave your personal account open on someone else's computer or unattended to stay on a safe side.
12 inlägg
There is a very high-quality service in this company. I use its mobile app. It is fast, it has a lot of useful information, but it is not overloaded with data. Everything is conveniently divided into sections.
I like that I receive notifications from the app about important news on the market. This is how I understand which assets to pay attention to. I don't need to spend time searching for this information. It is already on my phone!
17 inlägg
Modern brokerage companies attract attention with various unusual services and some special offers, which as if give an opportunity to earn without knowledge and without special efforts and without stress. Yes, it sounds great, and many people believe in it and then wonder why they do not succeed. And this is certainly the most difficult and doubtful moment in our business.
That's why I treat this company with such respect, because here they try to form an attitude to trading as a business, as a serious process that requires knowledge and constant practice.
And this is what hycm reviews talk about. I see that people try to explain different strategies and approaches, news and other important things. As well as the services themselves, which are aimed at independent work of traders, so that they could learn to trade independently in mt4 or mt5 or start with an ordinary demo to get used to the analysis and work with different assets, from something super modern here are presented only calculators, but they are necessary for the correct analysis and certainly will not make a trader lazy market participant.
21 inlägg
How does the broker protect the funds of its clients?
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