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In 交易系统 by Fxg54 - 21 小时前
About news trading
In 一般 by SofieAndreasen - 22 小时前
If you are not a news trader, it is better to avoid trading during important news release.
New Manual Strat test "Day Trade"
In 交易系统 by kc8yty - 23 小时前
Trade manger code changed. Working a few more bugs out.
Olymp Trade
In 交易商 by Dorsin - 23 小时前
Fixed-time trading - that’s what made me join this broker. That’s a new thing for me and I’m a kind of a person who likes to try something new and innovative. I like the very process...
Purpose of demo trading
In 一般 by LyudmilLukanov - 23 小时前
It is a risk-free account designed to practice trading without losing any money. It is best way to start trading.
Trading in lower timeframes
In 一般 by BarronLucas - 23 小时前
Most beginners prefer trading with lower time frames, and many seem to convert it into profit, but it is risky compared to the higher time frame because most lower frames are with lower amounts and mo...
Leprechaun v.4.5.4
In 交易系统 by MySbor24 - Yesterday at 15:24
Самый безопасный форекс советник Leprechaun v4.5.4 приносит прибыль около 10% в месяц с рабочей просадкой менее 1% и максимальной просадкой за все время торговли 10%. Скачать бесплатно форекс советни...
I need a reliable and Trust autopilot
In 新手交易员 by nick3232 - Yesterday at 14:47
[quote]MarinaKaramarko posted: I found one, Gearbox is killing it! Low risk, 10% average profit per month.. Let me know if you want to learn more or test it for 14 days [/quote] woud you post the...
How long should I start to trade after studying?
In 新手交易员 by Mauk - Yesterday at 14:07
I think such issues are really considered individually for each trader.
Getting so much confused with the terms. Please, h...
In 新手交易员 by Mauk - Yesterday at 14:04
I think by the broker's reliability I mean good working conditions and honesty.
How to Successful Forex Trading Mindset?
In 新手交易员 by Mauk - Yesterday at 13:57
When initially my choice fell on the broker Amarkets, which has a fairly good reputation and experience of 13 years, I decided to make a minimum deposit of $ 100, try to work and withdraw money and re...
magic numbers?
In 一般 by TR4DEX - Yesterday at 12:43
[quote]wealthsecrets posted: Hello, Once you apply Myfxbook EA to a chart, where do you go to see the results per magic number? I just see the standard results page. Thanks, Mike[/quote]
No system works all the time
In 一般 by Michihito - Yesterday at 12:25
I think we should not follow a strategy blindly. A strategy working for one may not working for others due to different trading personality. Everyone has different psychology. In my opinion best optio...
AuxiliumFX 100K PFX
In 交易系统 by AuxiliumFx - Yesterday at 12:17
Thanks, Poisonivy0 for your comment. Looking forward to the dollar gaining some temporary strength, so we can ride some decent waves.
In 交易商 by Theo3Parnandes - Yesterday at 11:39
Haven’t found such a high services standards with any discount brokers. Land-fx also saves you with the least slippages and margin requirements that make it feasible to turn profit with lower ca...
Twitter problems
In 一般 by AhTai - Yesterday at 11:21
Just use MT4 push notifications. NO need for twitter
Minor but Needed - Hiding Deposits / Withdrawals
In 建议箱 by tacosgild - Yesterday at 10:54
I hope this works out for you. You can also request this by directly contacting them.
In 建议箱 by morannon - Yesterday at 10:52
You can also try calculating it in percentage. This will give better results. Good luck to you.
monthly gain % based on current balance
In 建议箱 by mitchelmarsh008 - Yesterday at 10:50
This might not work so well because you won’t get the accurate monthly gain percentage by this.
SL in pips
In 建议箱 by salamibrish - Yesterday at 10:45
I’m not so sure about this. Could you provide some additional details about the SL please? Thanks.