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PRO.WINNER In Trading Systems by PRO WINNER - Jan 26 at 09:03
Thanks bro I'll open it after 👍 In Trading Systems by MalikaFernando - Jan 26 at 04:59
please ad me to copy this
GTFX In Trading Systems by Global Tech - Jan 26 at 02:20
Deceptive oil growthExpert market comment from senior analyst Alex Kuptsikevich of the FxPro Analyst Team: Deceptive oil growth
! Reckernm RM04 High-Growth Investment In Strategies by Reckernm - Jan 25 at 21:18
Hello Kelly, Please send a message to our email and we can get started. Thank-you.
Gold Trend EA / Robotforexpro In Trading Systems by Robot Trend EA - Jan 25 at 20:07
We are happy to hear everyone get profit.
Premium Rebate In Rebate Programs by Prasetiyo - Jan 25 at 19:12
Fusion Markets rebates perfect!! Terima kasih!!
FinancialRoom - EA REALTIME In Trading Systems by Earealtime - Jan 25 at 18:09
Pour plus d'informations sur ce nouveau robot :📢 Pour rappel, vous pouvez constater par vous-mêmes que notre robot utilise aucune stratégie dangereuse.⚠️ Il n’utilise pas de Martingale ✅ Monotrade uniquement--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...
RobotForexPro / TrendRobotEA V2 In Trading Systems by nazarius666 - Jan 25 at 16:44
Open trades hidden, lotsize hidden..........not good ;-)
Robot Trend EA Real In Trading Systems by nazarius666 - Jan 25 at 16:43
History hidden, lotsize hidden..........not good ;-)
Happy News v1.4.1 - TMGM In Trading Systems by nazarius666 - Jan 25 at 16:38
Bad Broker and there is arbitrage, not allowed by good careful
Fondex In Brokers by ZaquanBull - Jan 25 at 14:08
if you are fond of copy trading, or at least, thought once about following experts in the market, then this broker is certainly for ya! 7 asset classes and more than 600 instruments, plus over 400 strategies to follow. sounds appealing, innit? guys, how's your experience with this company? share!
Bitcoin (BTC) analysis thread In Crypto by Jenny - Jan 25 at 12:31
Genesis Seeks $20.9M From ‘Bitcoin Jesus’ Over Crypto Options Trades That Weren’t Settled
Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: If a key support level is br... In Crypto by Jenny - Jan 25 at 12:27
Ether's rally vs Bitcoin is not only showing signs of exhaustion but is also in danger of breaking below a key technical support level. However if ETH/BTC pair declined nearly 9.25% on jan 25 from its local top of 0.0779 BTC establised on Jan 11. Since the start of the year, Bitcoin has been slightly outspacing Ether in terms of US dollars...
INFINOX Capital In Brokers by MrWells - Jan 25 at 10:16
Why would you not trust a broker’s education? It’s not propaganda. Infinox won’t use some psychological tricks to make you give them money. You are overthinking it.Just get all the information that you can get, or can understand, if you're a newbie.Trust me, there is no such thing as too much education.
Stats updated according to account type (Cent &... In Suggestion Box by dgilbert002 - Jan 25 at 09:24
Would be good to have the total values indicative of Cent or Normal accounts. For example, if I had a $10,000 account on Cent broker account, it should show $100 - and the appropriate gains per day, % growth, etc. Could be done by asking the user to add an account type when linking an account. If i choose Cent account, the charts/%s all update...
Profit Split From Demo Phase In prop Firms? In General by Riccam - Jan 25 at 09:04
If it wasn't profitable for them, there wouldn't be any prop firms
Manual VS Automatic trading In Experienced Traders by FredJones - Jan 25 at 06:35
I prefer to combine the two approaches. It will then work more efficiently. Even if you now prefer to trade with a robot, keep an eye out. Various events occur.
Is it better to invest or save money? In General by reggae - Jan 25 at 06:01
I suppose that saving should be more because those can be beneficial for emergency cases. I am not sure about 50-50 like that guy said.
Golden Dragon EA $100 to $1000000 In Strategies by James - Jan 25 at 04:54
Nice also live account
Is Copy Trading profitable? In General by MathewReyan - Jan 25 at 04:51
Copy trading sounds profitable initially, but if you do not learn from what you are copying, I highly doubt it's sustainable.