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Fast Scalper EA In Trading Systems by akhilleus - Yesterday at 14:28
Every is millionaire on a demo account. On a real account with Avg. Trade Length: 30s it definitely won't work.
Fast Scalper EA In Strategies by akhilleus - Yesterday at 14:27
Every is millionaire on a demo account. On a real account with Avg. Trade Length: 30s it definitely won't work.
Number One Capital Markets In Brokers by horacemarsh - Yesterday at 11:57
Got to know the broker through some online reviews. I asked a friend who also said some positive things about N1cm. I have been trading here since then and I do not have complaints. I had issues with my first withdrawal and when I contacted the customer service I discovered I was requesting withdrawal the wrong way. I got to know the right way...
Xau 4+1000 In Trading Systems by peng - Nov 29 at 06:58
FxPro In Brokers by Kanakord - Nov 29 at 06:48
I think that I need more time to explore this brokerage company. It’s because this broker is too versatile for me. I mean its choice of trading platforms and accounts. Up to six trading accounts - that’s probably too much for me. However, it was just the first impression when you see something unusual. Then, I pondered over it a bi...
money manage and leverage In New Traders by shortant - Nov 29 at 05:38
A trader should know proper money management and use the leverage to their advantage. Money management is the process of allocating funds in such a way that they can minimize losses and maximize gains. Leverage can be used to multiply gains or losses.
Can you Succeed like this In New Traders by davemack - Nov 29 at 03:58
Traders can be successful in forex. Trading should always be done with an open mind and heart. Never listen to other traders who say that this bot is good or this or that indicator is the best. Forex trading should be open to your decisions depending on your judgment.
Align Scalper In Trading Systems by lochew88 - Nov 29 at 03:32
Can you share if you have last 2 years backtest results? as I only see one month results.
Low Risk Mid Return Long term Growth In Trading Systems by richowl - Nov 29 at 02:59
wonder not much traders use Ctrader ? is it ? why ?
Forex Trading Psychology: Levels of FEAR In Experienced Traders by LukeRachel - Nov 29 at 02:51
Exactly, first of all, you have to control your emotions and participate in trading. If you trade out of greed and fear, the investment can be zero every time. Therefore, you have to manage the risk, eliminate the fear, and trade positively.
Is silver over its decline? What is the impact on ... In Experienced Traders by LukeRachel - Nov 29 at 02:44
Gold can create bullish pressure if there is no fundamental effect.
FX Night Hunter In Trading Systems by pravindugimhan - Nov 29 at 02:31
Mt4-7316892 In Trading Systems by Davidtrujillo23 - Nov 28 at 23:06
Hi, do you have an instagram?
XBTFX In Brokers by VMorgan - Nov 28 at 15:03
I am impressed at the services here with no delay in withdrawal and deposit. Constant news are also released for different markets that he has
Fundamental Analysis In Experienced Traders by skihav - Nov 28 at 08:43
This is a fairly correct and necessary type of analysis. Sometimes this kind of analysis is needed for accurate market analysis.
naked trading In Experienced Traders by skihav - Nov 28 at 08:42
Not a bad way of working, of course, but also not the easiest one. In general, any trading option requires experience and training.
MT5 auto update In Suggestion Box by Mishoo2021 - Nov 28 at 06:33
any update regarding MT5 auto update?
HYCM In Brokers by DarKenshill - Nov 28 at 05:32
For those who write that it is unrealistic to make money here, I can say the opposite. This is a real subject, I have been convinced of that more than once, but you need to be well prepared for it and attend seminars where smart people can teach you something, rather than engage in self-dealing. I have been working with HYCM for three years an...
INFiNiTY MAM (2) In Trading Systems by Michael TGiM - Nov 27 at 16:04
About Infinity trading system: I am the developer and owner of this system (my EA / expert advisor / is learning each new move & always adapting to market conditions)I like the idea to buy and sell major currency pairs using RSI, MACD & Stochastics, directional pivot points or EMA's having an double-cross unique strategy, all appli...
RenkoExpert In Trading Systems by RenkoExpert - Nov 27 at 10:21
Default settings for the Euro dollar pair More information in our telegram channel