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Exit from a trade
In Ogólne by perryjohn765 - Yesterday at 11:14
People have different opinion on when to enter or exit the trade depending on their trading style.
FBS Real 5 100 Usd
In Systemy handlowe by marco_mmbiz - Yesterday at 10:45
What you guys are all talking about? The account is crashed.
CFX EverFx AWS FrankFF
In Systemy handlowe by Tony_Garratt - Yesterday at 10:09
Hi frank. How is this working out for you?
Road to $1MIL
In Systemy handlowe by battsogt1991 - Yesterday at 08:54
Copy trade hiih songolt garch irehgui ym
In Systemy handlowe by rinmanmv2 - Yesterday at 08:48
In Brokerzy by Smith2525 - Yesterday at 02:38
I tried this broker for the first time a couple of years ago and so far my experience has been great. I use this account mainly for my leveraged crypto trades when I'm feeling over 90% certain on ...
AlgoFX Arbi
In Systemy handlowe by Haythemislem - Yesterday at 00:04
Hi I want to copy your signals .. can you help me
In Systemy handlowe by ForxForLife - Jan 25 at 23:06
I'm happy with the consistent gains it's been making! January is ahead of December with is nice.
In Systemy handlowe by shahram1356 - Jan 25 at 22:14
Hi, I'm going to copy this, please help
VIP Trading Club FOREX 5000
In Systemy handlowe by ForexMaster01 - Jan 25 at 21:48
Hallo, nein leider nicht.
spotty-1 daily
In Strategie by Atorgeru - Jan 25 at 19:05
To my mind it looks quite promising. I love to see traders being able to create something on their own and it's usually the most useful stuff.
In Systemy handlowe by Shakashakar - Jan 25 at 18:58
Honestly, I see a huge number of suggestions like this and most of them look good. But I don't understand where to get more information about the format I like...
buy and sell cycle v1.0
In Systemy handlowe by Dagdakelv - Jan 25 at 18:54
Need information to evaluate it all, please tell me more...
In Systemy handlowe by ScalperLife - Jan 25 at 18:35
i'll be back 😝
Looking for reliable ECN brokers...
In Ogólne by LyudmilLukanov - Jan 25 at 18:23
[quote]Vince28 posted: If you were to asking me I would suggest you Pacific Union. The trading environment is stable. [/quote] Can you specify about trading environment like spreads, leverage, platfor...
David's bot
In Systemy handlowe by dato1989 - Jan 25 at 18:13
here is the new link of Ea monitoring :)
My Favourite pairs
In Doświadczeni Traderzy by Daniel993 - Jan 25 at 14:43
My favourite pair is EURUSD because it is easy to track and learn its movements, but recently GPBUSD also seems to be profitable, and I'm able to make a decent amount of return on it.
MQL5 Article
In Systemy handlowe by fxsaber - Jan 25 at 13:47
I am not a signal seller. Therefore, after the pause in trading, the service automatically deleted my signal. Myfxbook and some other services did not delete it. In particular, you are now in the syst...
In Brokerzy by Gergo_01 - Jan 25 at 12:16
Probably the best broker for traders like me, sick of switching brokers. Fxview has sorted all of my trading needs. Using mt4 so far, spreads are best and so is the support. Give them a try if looking...
Basics knowledge is not enough
In Ogólne by blackChelsea - Jan 25 at 12:10
Basic knowledge helps you to understand the gateway of the market, with time you need to update yourself which pair is performing better and how the real financial health of the respective economies. ...