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People come into trading
In Allmän by SofieAndreasen - Jan 17 at 17:45
[quote]AliaDare posted: Every trader joins the Forex market with a dream. But their dreams come true only when they gain experience. And works according to discipline and plan. And patiently creates a...
In Mäklare by Pietro_Seitz - Jan 17 at 17:40
I have chosen Fondex because this brokerage offers copy-trading, one of the few brokers in the industry to offer copy-trading not through the third-party service, but directly through the trading plat...
Making consistent money
In Allmän by LyudmilLukanov - Jan 17 at 17:28
[quote]LeviSievwright5 posted: Proper Money Management and Risk Management should be maintained to make a consistent profit. You can maintain 1: 2 risk rewards for consistent profit. It will have the ...
Best time frame to trade
In Allmän by LyudmilLukanov - Jan 17 at 17:25
[quote]LeviSievwright5 posted: I usually use the daily timeframe. The perfect platform for trading daily timeframes. Where many trades range from professional traders to beginner traders.[/quote] High...
In Handelssystem by WaiHuiTrader - Jan 17 at 13:57
forex chill
In Handelssystem by forex_chill - Jan 17 at 13:47
people subscribed my signal can please inbox me here ?
Becoming a scalper
In Erfarna traders by Kazile - Jan 17 at 13:37
The scalping method in Forex can be based on various strategies that differ in the degree of aggressiveness, methods of analysis, the use of automated assistants for transactions, and other parameters...
How to determine whether the platform is safe and ...
In Erfarna traders by Kazile - Jan 17 at 13:34
The trading platform must be functional, secure, and respond quickly to any changes.
Matatrader 4/5 vs Forex Trendy
In Erfarna traders by Kazile - Jan 17 at 13:30
Broker Amarkeets offers both platforms, but still I like MT4 more for its functionality
Economic Calendar Web Api
In Programmering by ezraaaaaa - Jan 17 at 13:18
which API is it for Economic Calendar? I don't see it at here
In Handelssystem by Andreynov - Jan 17 at 12:44
I represent the moderately conservative PAMM account Cataliya. Leverage 1: 50 All rollovers are open. Estimated yield of 10-15% per month*, anything more is a bonus. The trading plan is scheduled for ...
In Mäklare by Zuma4Kiersten - Jan 17 at 11:22
Land-fx is very clear on its terms and won't hesitate closing the trade during the negative balance. Still, there are many reasons like less slippages, regulation and upbeat customer services to b...
In Handelssystem by OldRetiredGuy - Jan 17 at 10:28
I'm making money and withdrawing on a regular basis ($43k last month) with absolutely no issues. The conspiracy theorists seem quite sure they're right and they make their case routinely in...
paid version of Myfxbook
In Förslagslåda by Gaetan_Gamer - Jan 17 at 09:19
Hi, There are a few paid online trading journals, but most operate on a monthly flat fee basis and are inoperable for the Euro currency of the account, and/or do not allow automatic import. On the o...
Simplex Infinity
In Handelssystem by SimplexFx - Jan 17 at 09:19
@lenovo hi. To follow our trading signals or to invest in PAMM / MAM allocations let me your email address or get in touch through DM on Telegram. Telegram channel link have been posted into our feed...
Option to set the number of decimal places
In Förslagslåda by Gaetan_Gamer - Jan 17 at 09:15
Hi, I trade US CFD indices. The Dow Jones shows the right number of pips/points but on the Nasdaq the points are multiplied by 100, I think this comes from the data provided by the broker but it woul...
I need a reliable and Trust autopilot
In Nya traders by MarinaKaramarko - Jan 17 at 08:34
I found one, Gearbox is killing it! Low risk, 10% average profit per month.. Let me know if you want to learn more or test it for 14 days
Show your profitable account here.
In Allmän by scalperking - Jan 17 at 08:34
Attention to all our manual trading with 9 months of consistent profits with manual trading with less drawdown. thanks
200k NewLifeTifia
In Handelssystem by ju99ernautCTFX - Jan 17 at 06:10
Hi, how can u help you?
In Mäklare by Sallem - Jan 17 at 02:29
Many traders will agree that hycm reviews really only reflect a part of the company's advantages, which are expressed in the quality of the service and in the fact that here you can easily withdra...