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Any crypto traders in the house?

Mar 11 at 10:41
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Hi All,

I wanted to know if someone here is trading crypto. If so, do you prefer trading with a forex broker or directly with the exchange? I'm not too sure which route to go. I think trading with my broker is much simpler than going to the exchanges but is more likely pricier. What do you think?

Smith2525 (Smith2525)
Mar 14 at 10:51
29 posts
Looks like they finally added a new room for crypto threads, awesome!
Yes I trade cryptos and forex a fair bit. I don't think there is a correct answer tbh as we all have different preferences, requirements, etc. MT4 is the easiest, simple straight forward for sure. Exchanges will give you more coins available (which is not always a good thing having so much choice). Best to experiment and see what you like

Mar 18 at 11:29
13 posts
Trading an instrument with a broker is easier but that also depends on you. You can check trading with both of them until you find an option that works for you.

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