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the trillion dollar fund project.

Jul 24 2011 at 19:32
1367 posts
i am thinking that it might be fun to meet with sir richard and then just sit around and think about the new buzzword.

the new buzzword is star fleet.

see what i am saying?

let's just think about it.

have some coffee, plz..

maybe we will listen to some music while we think about it..

maybe some b52's or perhaps some mozart..

the most important issue will be that we will want to figure out what a perfect world situation might be.

how large will it be?

omg, huge, of course..

imagine a yacht that is literally miles and miles in length.

like that.

and then we will begin transporting materials into orbit.

large amounts of steel, in pieces..

just get it up there.

i may want to study biotech while i am out there, way out there..

as if i am not already way out there..

thoughts become things, this is the core of the secret.

btw, men that come to me talking nonsense about how they are good traders and that they have 1k for me will get tossed out the nearest window so fast that your phkng head will spin. just a heads up.

don't you recognize me?

i am the beast.


Jul 24 2011 at 21:38
1367 posts
she drives me mad...

she is as nice as nice can be, when she wants to be..

but, omg, she has got that mean btch act down solid..

and when she wants to, she could blink and send a herd of pitbulls running for cover, no doubt about that..

i like it.

so very nice.

my next position is coming into place now.

i may not enter it for a few days.

these new numbers rock.

i am going to literally commandeer entire banking systems.

i will become the backbone of this world's currency systems.

we will alter the ratio at which currencies are exchanged between opposing economies.

this trading group will be recognized as a trading mafia.

we will set the standards.

others will measure their successes according to that which we do.

it is going to be simply grandness on a universal scale.

i really must work on expanding my horizons, lol..

i will enjoy sitting up and watching some late night noisebox with her.

maybe we will watch that zany craig ferguson.

i wonder what she enjoys watching...

i will find out and that is what we will watch.

she is gorgeousness of the exponential flavor.

and when she told me to go and phk myself, omg, my breath stopped.

she says all of the right things.


Jul 24 2011 at 22:19
1367 posts
it looks like the next position will be a mix of ______ and ______..

it is falling into place now.

anyways, just so that you can follow along, that is what i am saying..

try to sit up in your chair and at least act like you are not in some kind of a coma.

wankers bore me to death.

omg, just get out.

just go.

be gone, like yesterday.

i hate wankers.


Jul 24 2011 at 23:10
1367 posts
i think that we should start thinking about forming some kind of an alliance with mr birdman.

and that li'l wayne, he is just simply off the chain.


Jul 25 2011 at 00:02
1367 posts
i studied many different things during this project.

notice that focus is a very important issue for me.

the ability to focus is critical..

notice that i write about some fairly large things..

and then notice that no person engages me.

not surprising to me at all..

i will be getting my nice little nokia netbook out of the repair shop sometime this week.

i completely destroyed the screen, i went to sleep and woke up with my knee pressed into the screen.

now i can only see pink and purple rainbows on my sweet little netbook.

i cried, omg, did i ever.

that thing runs for approx six hours with the screen open, ten hours with the lid closed.

the battery was really the selling issue for me, not to mention the nice 2048x720 or something resolution..

the nice man that is fixing it for me is also replacing my keyboard at no cost to me.

bad news, sir, i will pay you for the keyboard.

of course, i will.

i spilled a few drops of coffee on the keyboard only days after i bought it.

i remember there was some chic trying to get my attention back at that time...

i am nice christian girl, she told me..

are you trying to make points with me, sister, cuz you are falling way behind...

we are perfect for each other, she told me...

hardly, i thought..

when i spilled the coffee on my netbook, she suggested that i return it to and that i should just tell em that i didnt like it and that i should ask for my money back.


those people at bestbuy went thru all of the trouble to open that store and hire people to work for them and they did a very nice job when they sold me that netbook...

it would be like a slap in the face for me to take it back to them, i wont do it.

i walk with a very strong sense of ethics and character.

i treat people like they probably want to be treated.

i cheat no person out of any thing.


one time, i was around a bunch of small thinkers, they had all seen me cruising the internet on my nice little netbook, they knew that it was an exceptionally nice computer...

so, i walked into the middle of em all and i asked if anybody would be interested to trade me a single cigarette for my netbook.

how many rams does it have, they asked me..

can i play games on it, omg?

people do not know how to think for themselves, this is my point.

just a heads up, any working computer, especially a nice netbook, is worth a fifty cent cigarette.

nobody stepped forward with a cigarette.

i was amazed.

this situation is very similar to how no person engages me here and now.

i will perhaps enjoy taking her to a nice and sexy victoria's secret show.


Jul 25 2011 at 01:44
1367 posts
it is just me in here.

all by my lonesome.

i am the hottest pimp on this block and here i sit all alone.

without a friend in the entire world.

how glorious.


my position is opening up, as expected.

i will be entering before too much longer.

no need to wait.

ok, now let us rock like there aint no tomorrow.

somebody better bust up with some weed, and pronto.


Jul 25 2011 at 02:44
1367 posts
position opened, very small, at first.

in the beginning, just sorta walk up and digitally slap the btch...

just tap those charts gently.

and then smile at her like nothing happened.

and she will think that that was it...

is that all you've got, she asks...

yeah, thats it.

i aint got no game, you btch.

i am easy.

just try me.

i will twist you up.

it is called cornering the market.

balance: 2297
free margin: 2238

good morning,


Jul 25 2011 at 03:25
1367 posts
she is so awesomely delishious.

we might go for a walk on the third street promenade.

like to stop for some breakfast, i might ask her..

and then we will finish off the morning by taking up a cessna for a flight around los angeles..

wanna take it upside down? oh my, now we are doing something..

and then, if she is up for it, we will go down to mexico and have some drinks..

if she likes, i will make sure that she is pampered by some gorgeous chicas..

if that is her thing..

i will make sure that they are simply sparkling gorgeous..

again, if she likes that kind of thing..

it would be all for her, not for me..

i will ask my friends if we can go into the back room for drinks, they will surely accomodate us..

and then we will go out for some late night dancing, i love that colombian rock..

it is gonna rock.

just a warning... you do not wanna piss her off.. omg..

good morning,

zero the miniscule net mouse/.

Jul 25 2011 at 16:54
175 posts
You trade from a netbook Zero? Man ! My respect for you is increasing by the day. i have 4 22 inch monitors and planing to add 2 more. And i still can't trade properly 😁

Jul 25 2011 at 17:10
1367 posts
i ccould tradde on a tweeelve incch amber or orange text monitor, if i wwaanted to.

computer hardwwarae does not make the tradeer proffitablbe.

wouldd yo believe tat i wrrite ccocdee ith tis pkd up kybd?

i do.

eveerybbodoy talks about how only the big banks are th only oness that hav thee moneey to write all of this really ccool trading codee.

i dontn have that kind of mmoney, but i did have the timme.

seveen long yeeears sworrth of it.

i am gonna bee so phkd up rich.

btw, mr ooracclee, yyo may have passseed up thee opportunity of a lifeetime by not ccallingn dan.

ffor ssrssly.

a little bit of ressearch and a phone call.

that was all that it was.

buut no, yyou couldnt bringg yourself to do that.

goodd morrrning..


balaance: 2297
ffrree margin: 2062
prrofit; -5.20


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