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the trillion dollar fund project.

Jul 25 2011 at 17:25
1367 posts
btw, theere iss no body on any train from shanghaai.

and it bleew up inn a firreeball?

eeven i could makee up soomeme bettere sht than that, lol..

now, just write to me...



Jul 25 2011 at 18:33
1367 posts
balance: 2297
free margin: 2062

Jul 25 2011 at 19:16
1367 posts
anyways, i have been busy working on a math problem.

and that is now finished.

i am gonna twist her into knots.

your friendly neighborhood deviant,


Jul 25 2011 at 20:50
1367 posts
she is hiiding.

how childish.

so very boring.

oh well, time to write some sockets code, i suppose..

Jul 25 2011 at 21:16
1367 posts
time to pull out the linux box.

and the proxy.


Jul 25 2011 at 22:34
1367 posts
position in progress.

balance: 2297
marginused: 400
profit: -28.xx

<i>while my automated trades are running, i will enjoy sitting
around and playing a friendly game of sink the trader.

the goal of the game will be to wipe out financially the
traders that are listed on the sink the traders list.

mark jackson
shariar and his russian concubine
bruce margolese
mr coetzee


Jul 26 2011 at 00:57
1367 posts
and i dont really care whether or not if that fruit loop moderator likes me or not..

i really liked her..

still do..

hate me for that, i dont care.

if you are gonna hate me, you had better get in line.


Jul 26 2011 at 03:21
1367 posts
i want to explain.

all of her pics are outdated.

severely outdated..

i knew this when i engaged her..

this is why she could not bring herself to see me.

how silly.

i would have been a very good friend, at a minimum.

these bondage people almost go mad when they get old.

when they get old, they stop posting their pics, or they post outdated pics..

there is one older lady at that forum, by reading her posts you would swear that she is some kind of movie star starlet...

but, i read her blog and she was whining that she has no teeth and that she is fat and old, omg...

it is so silly, it is actually sad.

i am not sad over it.

i may document later how they make strong mistakes in the operation of a forum that caters to dominants and submissives.

i studied dominance and submission as though it were a science.

it is my intent to acquire a solid understanding of people, when they are at their worst or are acting in some kind of extreme manner.

i learned to walk in a fairly sure-footed manner and i am able in many cases to recognize when some person is trying to btch me up, meaning that they are trying to play games with me. it is important that i know these issues well if i am to successfully finish this project.

btw, i eat forum moderators for breakfast..

ethan, you are safe, lol..

i could severely trash their website.

but i will not.

my trading is coming along very well.

it is just so slow while trading this small money, but no worries...

balance: 2297
profit: -53
margin: 750
target profit: 400 +/-

Jul 26 2011 at 04:30
1367 posts
belief systems are a powerful aspect of intelligence..

at the core, we have the standard religious issues.

ever try to convert a catholic or a mormon?


you might as well be talking to a brick.

in the beginning of this project, i informed every person that i was going to produce the holy grail.

and all of you proceeded to tell me why you believe that such a thing does not exist.

i listened carefully.

i took each issue that you presented to me and turned it inside out.

i believe that a flawless trading system exists.

i hunted for it and i found it.

if one goes out into the forrest to hunt for bears...

but if he believes that there are not any bears in that forest, he is not likely to locate any bears.

he will not even look for any bears.

if some person notices bear tracks or bear poop, he will explain to them that they are imagining all of it, there are no bears in this forrest he will insist.

i came to kill bears.

and i bagged a big one.

many people think me incapable of success at this project due to my poor english skiills..

three points:

many phd's with excellent english skills fail miserably at this business.

the charts do not expect me to be able to write any novels.

my work is based on two physics theories and a math quirk.


balance: 2297
marginused: 750
profit: -16
target: 400


Jul 26 2011 at 04:36
1367 posts
notice the inquiry from a mr goodman recently.

i want nothing to do with people that approach me as he did..

i dont give a ratz azz who he is or is not.

i dont giive a phkng sht if he knows how to trade.

and, plz, do not bore me with your 1k offers.

the only appropriate inquiry to make with me is something along these lines:

mr zero... excellent work.. how may i assst you? end.

my trading group, btw, may possibly have a twenty five million minimum deposit..

iti is my thinking that i wiill advise my fund managers to try to maintain at least a one milliion minimum deposit, but that they should only bring funds to the table for acctual deposiit when they have at least the twennty five. get it? good.

papi chulo dont play.


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