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the trillion dollar fund project.

Aug 01 2011 at 01:34
1367 posts
free margiin: 1650
Aug 01 2011 at 04:28
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btw, aside from my account numbers/balances, what i say here may or may not be based on truth.

what i said there, i meant it.

here, i am playing games..

silly and childiish head games..

i am sure that you will understand.

a lot of what i do in this work here requires that i allow my imagination to wander.

and wander is exactly what it does..

one of the primary components of intelligence is creativity.

creativity requires that one allow the imagination to run free.

mine runs away from home sometimes.

i can only look forward to you and i visiting with mr michael paton..

you, my dear, have the moxy to walk the walk.

i am most sure of this.

we will have a wonderful time, if you like..

have a wonderful day,

edward the amateur/..

Aug 01 2011 at 20:37
1367 posts
Aug 02 2011 at 00:44
1367 posts
wouldnt it be hilarious if i were really iin thhe prrroceessss of buldiing the world's largest ffund...

..and noobooodyyy paid any atteention, cuz i aamm a biit siilly and anad i hahve a phhkd up kybd aand i am not really soociiaally not with it?

i wiill be in my castlee.... peeeing in my royaal pantss...


Aug 02 2011 at 03:04
1367 posts

i am sure that many are confused to the point that they lose interest when they see me posting messages that are only read by me..

i am, quite siimply, thinking out loud.

pretty simple..

and, besides that, the majority of you are pretty much not capable of keeping up with me anyways...

fxrussia (avatar)
Aug 10 2011 at 08:07
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i googled trillion and i found they offered me 1 program which works very good for me
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