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the trillion dollar fund project.

Jul 26 2011 at 09:05
1367 posts
i am up forty bucks.

gonna wake up in the morning, maybe target is reached or exceeded by then.

good mornng,

captain boomerang/.

Jul 26 2011 at 15:44
1367 posts
up fifty.

targt isi 400

Jul 26 2011 at 17:47
556 posts

zzzero posted:
    up fifty.

targt isi 400

zzzero, reading through your posts, it looks like you have been in the same spot over and over again, until the account losses. I'm wondering how are you going to determine your system truly works? After x%? After x amount of time it's still profitable?

Jul 26 2011 at 18:54
1367 posts
<b>mr jamesbond is now blocked.</b>

notice the inquiry from a mr goodman recently.
i want nothing to do with people that approach me as he did..
i do not care who he is or who he is not.
i do not care if you know jim sinclair.
i dont give a %^&* if you know how to trade.
and, plz, do not bore me with your 1k offers.

the only appropriate inquiry to make with me is something along these lines:
<b>mr zero... excellent work.. how may i assst you? end.</b>

my trading group, btw, may possibly have a twenty five million minimum deposit.. it is my thinking that i wiill advise my fund managers to try to maintain at least a one milliion minimum deposit, but that they should only bring funds to the table for acctual deposit when they have at least the twenty five. get it? good.

i am not here to play.


Jul 26 2011 at 19:35
1367 posts
ok now, we cant be serious all day long.

well, i could, but i do not want to be a total party pooper.

and, my little babygirl might be stopping over....

she is so awesomely nice.

Jul 26 2011 at 21:40
1367 posts
everything looks so nice.

no more of those nasty losses, omg..

i can hardly wait to dig into my next project.

i will solve the equation of life.

and then, one day, she will speak to me.

Jul 26 2011 at 22:57
1367 posts
people that come to me with questions, such as the questions that mr bond asked above, will not be engaged...

when they come to me like that, it is not their intent to contribute anything to my work, but instead they come to gather information about how it is that i do whatever it is that i am doing.

the majority of the myfxbook type of trading forums are populated by intellectual children, they come here to play children's games.

i, on the other hand, am not here to play.

a lot of men, even those with higher level degrees, handle themselves as tho they are children..

i remember working with dr marc schweitzer, very briefly, and he asked me how my project was coming along..

<i>how is your little money project with mark jackson coming along, he asked me..</i>

omg, i almost peed my pants when he said that, lol..

my little money project? you phkng punk ass phaggot, that is what i was thinking..

exactly what the phk is little about the world's banking systems, you effing baby, that is what i wanted to ask him.

even tho he is a phd that serves as the director of new product development for tara, i would like to suggest that somebody might want to verify his academic credentials, lol..

he is a fruit loop, if i ever saw one..

i do like him, tho, omg, the world is chock full of wankers..

now, lets rock with master marilyn.

he is so so cool.

i simply adore mr marilyn.

he is wonderful.

Jul 27 2011 at 00:15
1367 posts
it is hard to tell that this is the same rocking maniac from the previous video.

marilyn really is majorly cool in drag..

he is a lunatic.

he is so fun.

Jul 27 2011 at 01:39
1367 posts
this is what do.

i watch videos..

while i am daydreaming about my next project..


oh my...

take a look at that massive spike that just took off, in my favor, of course..

i may be closing this position shortly..

i just finished having the most wonderful conversation with a most lovely young lady...

she is actually studying pschology and biotech.

i wanted to scream when she told me that..

but i did not scream..

i may have drooled a bit, however..

she said that her interest is gene splicng.

she was so joyous to chit chat wiith...

i hope that i get to chit chat with her again.

position in progress.

balance: 2299
profit: +125
margin used: 750
target profit: 400

hey, let's rock and roll...

stoner style.

Jul 27 2011 at 02:34
1367 posts
partial position closed..

balance: 2404
profit: +25
margin used: 750
target profit: +300

yes, i am a genius.

and, i am very sexy.

ok, whatever... i am a genius.

you cant have everything.

i cant believe that my little babygirl wont talk to me..

i tried sweet talkiin her.. nope.. no response.

flowers? nope. she aint budging.

candy? no sweet tooth, apparently.

so i pulled out the secret weapons..

i offered to give her twenty five bucks for a bj, three hours maximum, of course..

but no...

some women are just downright difficult.

cranky bitches...


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