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Making money is a habit In General by RobertFerrari - Yesterday at 12:36
I agree with you.
How long should I start to trade after studying? In New Traders by RobSchiz - Yesterday at 12:33
Yes. You need proper knowledge before starting live trading.
Why 90% of retail traders fail... In New Traders by RobSchiz - Yesterday at 12:32
Lack of proper knowledge and skills is the main reason to fail.
Learning Forex Trading In New Traders by RobSchiz - Yesterday at 12:26
Yes. every new trader should focus on learning.
How to trade effectively in forex? In New Traders by RobSchiz - Yesterday at 12:23
Yes. I agree with you.
What is the best strategy used as a new trader? In New Traders by RobSchiz - Yesterday at 12:12
Every new trader should make a good plan to survive in this market.
Stop loss is a killer if In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:24
Knowing how to use this tool correctly is essential. This is how you can really avoid big losses.
How long it takes to learn In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:21
It takes a different amount of time for each person. Accordingly, it will be quite difficult to say for sure.
What should be the risk percentage? In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:19
It should be understood that risks are a very important aspect of a trader's success. I would advise you to pay enough attention to this.
Risk management is indeed the best In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:18
The ability to properly manage risk is essential. It should be understood that the results of the trader's work largely depend on this.
Fundamental works 100% In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:17
For work, this is quite an interesting option. At least with the right approach, it can have an excellent result.
When loss occurs In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:13
I wouldn't justify the losses. Just don't make excuses for your own mistakes.
About news trading In General by croisssan - Yesterday at 10:11
In my opinion, this type of trading is rather difficult. At the very least, you need to have sufficient work experience.
Ruch no sekai In Trading Systems by Ruch - Yesterday at 06:38
PriceActionLTD In Signal Providers by dylano10 - Yesterday at 05:51
Excellent customer service! Throughout my experience, the personnel has been really helpful and polite. Always prompt with responses and knowledgeable at all times. I joined in the long run since I trust in the Forex signals and believe that this is the most straightforward area for me to improve for myself and my account. PAFX is to be commen...
FxPro In Brokers by BookZerp - Yesterday at 05:44
I decided to try Forex trading a few months ago, but only opened a trading account yesterday. I chose FxPro broker because it offers the best trading conditions.Yes, I know that maybe this is just my opinion, but there are really a lot of good reviews about this broker.Now I'm wondering, those who trade here, can you tell me which trading ...
FxLeo EA by In Trading Systems by ReyOsmosis - Jan 14 at 22:34
Did well in November but the December results, though positive still didn't reach 8% but keeping drawdown at -3% was great but seemed its going somehow now drawdown is at -7.39%. if it can achieve 8-10% a month is less Dan -5% drawdown. It will be a beast
Intelligence Prime Capital In Brokers by JasonRamjaram - Jan 14 at 22:26
love my AiA bot from IPC
Genius EA In Trading Systems by Mohamed AbdelHay - Jan 14 at 22:10
My telegram @Mo_Ahay1
Jesús Fernández-SA3/BOTORO In Trading Systems by ironmaster18 - Jan 14 at 22:10