Trading forex for a living. Enjoying life as much possible as I can. Giving charity to people/community that really needs help.

I was once a newbie and experience a total failure and almost gave up Forex, but then thanks to mighty Allah, I am no longer a rookie.
Trading style
Freestyle Trading, I trade by looking at the chart, my own decision and my own analysis. I don't listen to any rumors or etc. Just trust in my self.


Systems by one_fx

Name Gain Drawdown Pips Trading Leverage Type
Ar Razzaq -43.88% 100.00% -30512.8 Manual 1:500 Real
Al Ghaniy 114.71% 23.51% 5522.0 Manual 1:500 Demo
Al Muktadir 5.25% 19.47% 349.0 Manual 1:200 Demo

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