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Oanda Review Scores

Overall score: 3.7 / 5

Total votes: 466
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Oanda Discussion

af4arka (af4arka)
Apr 19 2012 at 08:53
3 posts
i also withdrawed my money from my oanda account.

shitty spreads - compared to my 'new' broker dukascopy and the cfd´s are bad too, first cool tight spreads, i immediately deposit money, and then they change them every day.

this is spreadshitting.

so i stay at my new broker for forex and rbs for cfds.

oanda has no edge compared to other brokers.

Apr 19 2012 at 09:01
9 posts
I'm looking for non-expiring demo account and fast executions and of course good spreads - with oanda demo I was waiting from 30-60 seconds for orders to be cancelled. I live in Australia so would prefer ozzie broker but there does not seem to be many here. I am currently with GoMarkets in AU and they started out really good but lately their demo a/c server is very slow with several little freezes. I don't know what their live account is like but I want to try a few more to compare.

af4arka (af4arka)
Apr 19 2012 at 09:05
3 posts
MBTrading is as good as dukascopy, i think they are from australia ;)

tight spreads, MT4 Platform and non-expiring.

Jul 15 2012 at 06:08
2 posts
Dukascopy is in my opinion the best broker but I keep Oanda as a good and honest broker (I've got an account with them), for non US citizen some people would avoid cause of the leverage they offer but for me it is a broker I don't fear to run bigger accounts. If you google a bit you will see they have a good average of customer making profit out of forex. They are not that kinds of broker who make all those bonus and rebates, the more bonus and rebates the less I trust because nothing is completly free in this world.
About MBTrading I never had an account with them but till now only listen good things from this broker.

It's not my first choice but for Australian broker I would say Pepperstone is not bad at the moment and you can ask them for a non-expiring demo.

adryfx (adryfx)
Dec 22 2012 at 12:50
107 posts
Oanda is always on top

Manage your risk and DD well and your account will grow.
Mike Yap
Jan 04 2013 at 21:52
65 posts
I like Oanda too. I've been with them since 2000. But now they incorporated dynamics spreads. This make it really difficult for manual traders. EAs are better to use because you can set a filter to ignore ticks when the spread is too wide.

Mar 06 2013 at 11:50
7 posts
I just opened real account with oanda today. I found their system to allow adding subaccount awsome. No question ask, you can add up to 19 subaccounts !MT4 enabled or FXTrade platform. I tried to execute the orders on the MT4 & found it to be very quick. My current broker asked all kinds of questions regarding my opening of the subaccount (what is the source of my money, what lot size do i plan to trade, what is the frequency of my trades....) I have been with this one since 2005. I am still with them because some how I can still do the hedging which is great for my EA that does this strategy. However, I think it is not their business to ask these questions.

Mar 17 2013 at 12:23
23 posts
Is hedging allowed on this broker?

Mar 18 2013 at 07:15
12 posts
to oanda
Hi, i joint registration in contest of Oanda but i don't how trading with what platform, please help me

aaronmdr (aaronmdr)
Apr 19 2013 at 11:20
16 posts
AndyQuant - you can't hedge on the same account with OANDA. But you can hedge in different accounts e.g. buy in sub-account A, sell in sub-account B

The trend is your friend!
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