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Forex Contest Arum Capital

Ethan (Staff)
Mar 11 2018 at 08:52
1394 postów
This topic is for discussing the Forex Contest Arum Capital.

Elvijs (Murkinzzzzs)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:16
11 postów
Why error comes up when trying to register?

Farhad Entessari (Entessari)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:17
13 postów
I can't download MT4!

“Do or do not. There is no try " - Yoda
Choppawood (choppawood)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:19
20 postów
If you can't download MT4 go to their website and download from there which i did :)


Jairo (jairosergio)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:24
7 postów

A link to download the platform for the contest is not available yet. The link provided in the contest registration email sent does not work. May I get it directly from the broker's site?


Choppawood (choppawood)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:26
20 postów
Mar 12 2018 at 06:33
2 postów
i have downloaded but can not place order on mt4 Arum mt 4 platform

Gureyev Alexey (gureyevalexey)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:33
2 postów
Mar 12 2018 at 06:33
1 postów
what is the website of arum capital

Choppawood (choppawood)
Mar 12 2018 at 06:35
20 postów
Trading Orders is disabled till the contest starts on 26th March.

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