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Forex Contest OctaFX
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Członek od Jun 05, 2014  6 postów Christian Rauchenwald (D0NKbet) Jun 09 2014 at 10:09
tsedawa posted:
does anybody know what mt4 code i need to put in my EA so that it works for symbols with suffix like EURUSD.ecn?
please help. thx.

Use 'Symbol()' in your code -> it will then use the Symbol of the current chart it is attached to.


Członek od Apr 21, 2014  11 postów Rex F. Velos (forrexv) Jun 09 2014 at 10:10
Me too. I don't see it in my MT4.


Członek od Nov 15, 2012  3 postów Nicolae (Kulae) Jun 09 2014 at 13:27

Use 'Symbol()' in your code -> it will then use the Symbol of the current chart it is attached to.

Hi Christian, this will work only if the EA is one pair dedicated. What about if his EA is by default attached to one chart but is looking for setups on all or on some pairs?
Any way, if in your code you see an explicit list of pairs, you should change their names according to OctaFX symbols name, some times it may work (not always).
Best wishes, Nicolae


Członek od Jul 20, 2011  5 postów tsedawa Jun 09 2014 at 15:18
thx for replies
i have Symbol() in my code but still its not working. so when i put these codes its working for the particular pair. what i want is instead of 'EURUSD' i need a general formula to cover other pairs. does any body know how?
extern string SymbolSuffix='.ecn'
int init()
   if(StringLen(Symbol())>6) CurrentSymbol = ('EURUSD'+SymbolSuffix);
   else CurrentSymbol = Symbol();


Członek od Feb 07, 2013  8 postów CuttingEdgeForex Jun 10 2014 at 07:50
What I have always done is code it like this -

I first make an-

extern string Symbol_1 = 'EURUSD.ecn'

Repeat making extern strings for as many symbols as your EA uses. Then go down into your code and change your symbol() to Symbol_1, and so on.

This way you can type in the broker symbol and suffix into the external variables once it's on the chart.


Członek od Nov 15, 2012  3 postów Nicolae (Kulae) Jun 10 2014 at 21:21
I don't know if it is allowed to post code here .... but may be useful for contest participants using experts.
I've made a script, for my personal use, that dully identifies all pairs in the symbols provided by the broker.
For example, if a broker provides a symbol named 'EuR loves uSD' the script will understand that is about EURUSD and will act properly. If the name will be 'uSd is better than Eur' the script will identify the pair 'USDEUR' and will take it as it is (this is important for users of EAs that include a strong/weak analysis filter module).

This is the module:

int Pairs_Data()
/* +-----------------------------------------------------------+
      | Outputs: |
      | Pairs[i] Pair 'i' symbol |
      | Currencies[i] Currency 'i' symbol |
      | Multiplier[i] Pair 'i' Multiplier Price - Pips |
      | Pips = Price Difference x Multiplier |
      | Currency_In_Pair[i][k] Currencies in pair 'i' |
      | where k =1 or 2 |
      | Currency_In_Pair[i][1]=j (code of the first currency) |
      | Currency 'j' is the FIRST currency in pair 'i' |
      | Currency_In_Pair[x][2]=k (code of the second currency)|
      | Declarations |
      | The following arrays should be declared in the main area:|
      | string Currencies[9]; |
      | string Pairs[29]; |
      | int Multiplier[29]; |
      | int Currency_In_Pair[29][3]; |
      +-----------------------------------------------------------+ */
   int P_i, P_j, P_k, Currency_1_Position, Currency_2_Position, C1_i, C2_i, C_Search, P_Pair_Code;
   string Symbol_List[];

   // +-----------------------------------------------------+
   // | Currencies |
   // +-----------------------------------------------------+
   Currencies[1]='USD'; Currencies[2]='EUR'; Currencies[3]='GBP'; Currencies[4]='CHF';
   Currencies[5]='JPY'; Currencies[6]='AUD'; Currencies[7]='NZD'; Currencies[8]='CAD';
   // +-----------------------------------------------------+
   // | Pairs |
   // +-----------------------------------------------------+
   ArrayResize(Symbol_List,SymbolsTotal(false)+2); // Resize Symbol_List with the actual number of Symbols provided by broker
   for (P_k=0;P_k<=SymbolsTotal(false);P_k++) Symbol_List[P_k]=SymbolName(P_k,false); // Loads array Symbol_List with all Symbols provided by broker
   for (P_k=0;P_k<=SymbolsTotal(false);P_k++) StringToUpper(Symbol_List[P_k]); // Converts all letters in the Symbol_List in upper case
   for (C1_i=1;C1_i<=7;C1_i++) // Currency 1 cycle
      for(C2_i=C1_i+1;C2_i<=8;C2_i++) // Currency 2 cycle
         for (P_k=0;P_k<=SymbolsTotal(false);P_k++) // Symbols cycle
            Currency_1_Position=-1; Currency_2_Position=-1; // Initialization of currency position in Symbol
            for (C_Search = 0; C_Search<= StringLen(Symbol_List[P_k])-3;C_Search ++) // Search in the Symbol name if some currency is found
               if(Currencies[C1_i]==StringSubstr(Symbol_List[P_k],C_Search,3)) Currency_1_Position = C_Search; // Currency C1_i found somewhere in the Symbol name (in position C_Search)
               if(Currencies[C2_i]==StringSubstr(Symbol_List[P_k],C_Search,3)) Currency_2_Position = C_Search; // Currency C2_i found somewhere in the Symbol name (in position C_Search)
            if(MathAbs(Currency_1_Position - Currency_2_Position)>=3 && // No currency name overlap accidentally
            Currency_1_Position>=0 && // Currency_1 found in the Symbol
            Currency_2_Position>=0) // Currency_2 found in the Symbol
            // We have a pair.
               P_Pair_Code++; // New pair, new code
               Pairs[P_Pair_Code] = SymbolName(P_k,false); // Loads in the pairs' array the symbol name from SymbolName(P_k,false)
               if (Currency_1_Position<Currency_2_Position)
                  Currency_In_Pair[P_Pair_Code][1]=C1_i; // Currency_1 is the first currency in the pair
                  Currency_In_Pair[P_Pair_Code][2]=C2_i; // Currency_2 is the second currency in the pair
               if (Currency_2_Position<Currency_1_Position)
                  Currency_In_Pair[P_Pair_Code][1]=C2_i; // Currency_2 is the first currency in the pair
                  Currency_In_Pair[P_Pair_Code][2]=C1_i; // Currency_1 is the second currency in the pair
   for (P_i=1;P_i<=P_Pair_Code;P_i++) // pairs' cycle to compute Multiplier pips = price x Multiplier
      for (P_j=2;P_j<=MarketInfo(Pairs[P_i],MODE_DIGITS);P_j++) Multiplier[P_i]=Multiplier[P_i]*10;

---- END Pairs Module ----
The following declarations in the main area:
string Currencies[9], Pairs[29];
int Multiplier[29], Currency_In_Pair[29][3];

I've tested this module on OctaTrader, with the following OnInit() function:

int Total_Pairs, Current_Pair;

int OnInit()
for (i=1;i<=Total_Pairs;i++) Alert (i,' ',Pairs[i],' ',Currencies[Currency_In_Pair[i][1]],' ',Currencies[Currency_In_Pair[i][2]]);

for(i=1;i<=Total_Pairs;i++) if (Pairs[i]==Symbol()) Current_Pair = i;
Alert (Current_Pair,' This chart is for ',Pairs[Current_Pair]);
Alert (' Currencies in the current pair are: First currency: ',Currencies[Currency_In_Pair[Current_Pair][1]],
       ' || Second currency: ',Currencies[Currency_In_Pair[Current_Pair][2]]);

This way, user can load the code pair in Current_Pair and replace any Symbol() in code with Pairs[Current_Pair]
This allows also to use only one EA, loaded on one chart, for all pairs, using an external cycle Pairs[x]

Hope it helps :)


Członek od Apr 28, 2013  3 postów JNWSK (RxJano) Jun 11 2014 at 09:48
Are USA citizens allowed to participate in this contest ? I was able to successfully register too.


Członek od Jun 04, 2014  18 postów mcrious Jun 11 2014 at 09:56
protrader624 posted:
One of the rules states,NO IP MATCH,what does this mean?

found this under octa fx promotion rules (8 Dollars promotion account)

ANY IP match between 2 accounts regardless of trading style, name, email, country, etc. will be considered as multiple bonus

accounts. Such accounts will be blocked, and all withdrawals will be rejected


Członek od Jun 04, 2014  18 postów mcrious Jun 11 2014 at 10:54
protrader624 posted:
Are trader's from the USA allowed ?

you know the laws in America.

for demo u can trade what u want but when it comes to real account u has to reduce the leverage i think.dont know if octa is

allowed to offer real accounts in America.when u win u have to be sure its all legal otherwise your prize will go to the next one.


Członek od Feb 07, 2014  5 postów mamista Jun 11 2014 at 13:02
Guys please HELP

I need the renko chart for ECN ACCOUNT

Please help me

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