Bitcoin Post Halving Expectation

Apr 18 at 11:36
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Uczestnik z Feb 15, 2024   10 postów
Apr 18 at 11:36
While after all the previous halvings, Bitcoin's price skyrocketed, this halving will be different. This is because now the Bitcoin ETF is in play, which will attract long-term investors, resulting in a decrease in volatility. Bitcoin will most likely still experience a hike and reach new heights, but the returns will not match the previous levels. This is what I think and that's what should happen.
What do you people think about this?
Uczestnik z May 08, 2023   75 postów
Apr 24 at 21:59
I think it is all a play to make people think that this halving will be different, and get some of them to start selling at a little higher price, which will help BTC rarity. Once that is done the real spike will begin.
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