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Does bitcoin still holds stronger than stocks?

Apr 07 at 11:42
6 postów
Well, I am not very sure about what you are saying. Every asset has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You better focus on what you are interested in.

Apr 15 at 11:21
16 postów
SofieAndreasen posted:
In my opinion, Bitcoin will be future payment system after seeing its momentum in past few years.

Hello you again... I guess you're right as long as Elon Musk keeps supporting it lol

Apr 23 at 11:32
14 postów
It is very much a popular market and a lot of traders consider it important and beneficial.

May 17 at 07:24
4 postów
I think these two have their own merits and it all depends upon what a trader prefers trading. I usually go with crypto because of its vast popularity and demand. It is also profitable if you know which crypto to trade and at what time. There are a lot of options these days.

May 21 at 06:12
13 postów
Making consistent profits in the market has to do a lot with the decisions you make in the market. But don’t try to rush things unnecessarily.

May 24 at 12:25
9 postów
Better to have a balanced portfolio rather than invest all in stocks or crypto

Jul 19 at 04:44
46 postów
Though it’s all about your preference and interests, bitcoin attracts a majority of people. Maybe more than stocks. I think chances of profits are more in bitcoin rather than stocks.

Jul 19 at 05:02
41 postów
Bitcoin is strong and it does attract many many traders, even more so over the past years. I think that yes the market has several advantages which are making it considerably stronger than the stock market.

Jul 25 at 06:59
128 postów
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Jul 26 at 12:24
23 postów
Yeah, that’s right @anneyates. Nowadays, bitcoins are like any other trading like forex and stocks. Compared to the huge hit in the stock markets amidst the pandemic, bitcoins seem to survive well because of its growing user network and applications of usage.

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