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Apr 12 at 04:48
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Apr 12 at 04:48
Ok, friends, allow me to ask what you think about participating in testnets and their potential airdrops?
Some think it is a tiresome task which requires daily attention with no guaranteed rewards.
Others manage to score a few $k.
For some people it's like a daily job.

I have always been more of a classical investor. Buying now - selling later.

But after i accidentally managed to completely knock it out of the park with a random airdrop i started paying more attention to such stuff.

Namely right now I am an active participant of the prom.io campaign. Or actually its two campaigns at once.

One is a so called Delegate campaign that requires to test the testnet. You earn points from various actions on the testnet and those who end up with the most points will become the Delegates.
Basically its like a testnet with a potential airdrop.

The other is a Validator campaign. It runs on Zealy and the lucky few winners will receive the rank of Validators with a future share in the network profits (2%).
I have always wanted to become a Validator in some mainnet and here is my lucky chance.

If you are interested (or at least would not mind), i could give more details about the project.

Has any one of you managed to become a Validator on any project? Or maybe some of you are already my fellow competitors on the Prom network, lol?

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Apr 12 at 16:45
Dear friends and colleagues, l
ast time I asked for your permission to tell you more about the current project i'm investing a lot of my time into.
Since noone directly ojbected allow me continue
Basically all users of DAO can have one of the three roles: members, validators, and delegates.
All aspiring users should strive to become delegates and validators. It took me quite a while to understand the difference so kindly allow me to speak in plain terms.

Delegates, act like elected representatives, they gain voting power from $PROM holders.
They receive $PROM tokens for involvement, thus increasing their voting influence within Prom DAO.
Initially, 1,000,000 $PROM tokens will be delegated to campaign leaders to stimulate DAO activity.
After the mainnet and DAO launch, participants in the Delegate Campaign can utilize these tokens for voting and receive rewards for their network contributions.
Delegates emerging from the campaign will collectively share 30% of future network commissions.

Unlike Delegates, Validators are a select few, akin to shareholders, commanding a significant 2% share of the network fees.
Number of Validators will be a lot less than the number of Delegates,
Their crucial task will be reviewing proposals post-initial voting, ensuring alignment with our product development vision.

So basically i run both challenges trying to become a future Delegate and a future Validator. I'd hoe to be a Validator. But being a Delegate also sounds like fun.
Have you aver participated in similar campaigns for any projects? Please share.
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Apr 13 at 12:31
This time allow me to speak about recent partnerships announced by Prom DAO:

1. RWA Inc.: Charting the Course in Real-World Asset Tokenization
Prom Network announced collaboration with @RWA_Inc_, a trailblazer in real-world asset tokenization. This alliance charts a course towards broader adoption, seamlessly merging Web3 with tangible assets. RWA Inc.'s expertise helps the platform navigate these new waters, bridging traditional assets with blockchain opportunities.

2. Midle: Setting Sail with Quest-Based Marketing
Midle joins the voyage with its unique marketing quest platform. Midle's task-to-earn approach allows users to navigate tasks and reap rewards, while offering projects a fresh channel for engagement. This collaboration sets sail towards expanded opportunities within the community, benefiting both members and projects alike

3. EigenLayer: Anchoring Prom as an Operator
Prom Network drops anchor as an operator on EigenLayer Mainnet. This move strengthens the network's security and scalability, reflecting a commitment to decentralized progress. For those seeking safe harbors in a sea of scalability, Prom Network's infrastructure is ready to weather EigenLayer's dynamic ecosystem.

4. Superboard: Onboarding New Horizons
Superboard comes aboard as a leading omnichain discovery platform. Superboard sets sail towards new horizons in Web3 user onboarding, offering an enriched journey of discovery. This integration boosts project engagement, charting a course towards growth through education and community collaboration.

5. DeXeDAO Studio: Steering Community Governance
 DeXeDAO Studio's deployment on Prom Network introduces versatile tools for steering DAO management. DeXe's platform ensures that all hands on deck can participate in community decisions, thanks to its user-friendly interface. This partnership enriches the governance model, emphasizing inclusivity and collaborative decision-making.

6. Forward Protocol: Navigating dApp Development Channels
Prom Network integrates ForwardProtocol, providing a no-code compass for dApp creation. This integration enhances cross-chain capabilities, guiding towards broader industry adoption. Forward Protocol serves as a navigational aid, making decentralized application development more accessible to all aboard.

As these partnerships set the sails, anticipation builds for the Prom DAO launch. Stay tuned on this thread and i will keep you updated on this voyage.
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Apr 14 at 18:10

I've decided to share my insights into a typical day as a voluntary net-tester (or perhaps 'testneter').

My day kicks off with logging in to collect test tokens from the faucet bright and early. It's essential to act promptly since the faucet tends to lag, and there's a ten-hour window between claims. Experience has taught me that claiming tokens doesn't guarantee immediate receipt; once, it took a whopping ten hours. Thus, it's prudent to seize them as soon as possible.

Following that, it's time to mint some goodies. The Forge offers options to mint PRC20 tokens and NFTs. Frankly, I can't discern a significant difference between the two, nor do I grasp the purpose of either action. Nevertheless, I trust it aids developers in testing something crucial. Both processes usually proceed smoothly on the testnet. Then comes the Button Game, which can be quite frustrating due to frequent lags. Currently, I'm on a five-day streak where I've been unable to process this transaction. Lastly, I transfer tokens to my wife's account, who graciously registered to help facilitate this process. Despite the testnet's hiccups, this activity succeeds about half the time, though occasionally it takes several hours of attempts.

Throughout the day, I encounter numerous lags and bugs, yet I remain undeterred. Encountering these issues in the testnet serves several purposes. Firstly, it aids developers in identifying and rectifying potential bugs and technical glitches before the system goes live, ensuring a smoother user experience in the future. Secondly, it offers valuable feedback to the team, enabling them to refine the platform and enhance its performance. Thirdly, troubleshooting lags and glitches contributes to the overall stability and reliability of the network. Additionally, overcoming these challenges strengthens our problem-solving skills and deepens our understanding of the technology. Ultimately, the presence of lags underscores the importance of comprehensive testing, highlighting our vital role as testers in ensuring project success.

Despite the daily challenges of testing, I'm confident that steps are being taken to address encountered bugs. The development team diligently works to identify and resolve issues discovered during the testnet phase. With each bug ironed out, the platform edges closer to stability and readiness for mainnet launch. Once all issues are resolved, the mainnet launch will proceed seamlessly. Users can anticipate a reliable and efficient platform that meets their needs. Through collaborative efforts and rigorous testing, the project is poised for success, promising users a smooth experience upon mainnet launch.
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Apr 15 at 09:29
Earlier I had listed the major collaborations between PROM Network and other projects.
Now allow me to explain in detail about some of them. First I would like to start with Midle, because this is the project I am most excited about (and it has nothing to do with the fact, that they are about to have an airdrop this week, lol)

So the PROM Network has proudly announced its integration with Midle this month. For those of you who don't know what Midle is - one can say its an innovative marketing quest platform. And now they will aid us within the PROM ecosystem, yay! Exciting news, right? But what does this really mean for us, the everyday users? Is this the significant step forward we've been anticipating?

I firmly believe so. Midle's platform seamlessly facilitates user engagement in tasks, creating a vibrant atmosphere and improving user retention. It's safe to say that Midle is transforming how users participate by providing a simple interface for tasks and rewards, while also assisting projects in attracting users.

Consequently, this integration reinforces PROM Network's dedication to growth and collaboration, opening up fresh opportunities for both users and projects.

I anticipate that this partnership will stimulate mutual advancement and innovation, delivering benefits to users and projects alike.
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Apr 16 at 12:40
Now I believe its time to speak about Superboard
This project is now also part of the ever-growing Prom Network ecosystem!
One can say that this addition has sent shockwaves of anticipation through the community.

But what exactly is Superboard? Simply put, it's hailed as the easiest route onchain.
Superboard has amazing user-friendly onboarding solutions. It almost seems like they were tailor-made for the Prom Network (Who knows, maybe they were, lol)

Superboard's arrival promises a revolution in user interaction and Web3 engagement within the ecosystem. Its reputation precedes it, with users eagerly awaiting the myriad possibilities it brings to the table. This integration isn't just about adding another feature; it's a strategic move to bolster the Prom ecosystem's strength.

With Superboard's interactive features, projects can forge deeper connections with their community, fostering collaboration and a sense of belonging.
Together, Prom and Superboard are set to redefine innovation and engagement standards, aiming to empower users and projects alike.

As the Prom Network continues to evolve, Superboard's inclusion showcases its commitment to providing invaluable solutions and nurturing a thriving community. This partnership unlocks fresh opportunities and signals a new chapter in Prom's journey of growth.
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Apr 17 at 08:45
Today I am especially excited to write here, because this time I will be telling you about a brand new collaboration which was announced just now.
I love such news, because all these partnerships - this is what really drives innovation forward.

This time Prom found a partner in Lumia. Both projects are key players in DeFi, which makes the collaboration particularly noteworthy. Lumia, an L2 of Orion ($ORN) introduces a groundbreaking technology called EigenLayer Restake Roll Up, designed to enhance DeFi. This innovation tackles liquidity fragmentation, facilitates asset flow across decentralized networks, and boosts capital efficiency through AI zkML optimization.

Lumia also prioritizes privacy and compliance, optimizing KYC/Privacy/Account Abstraction for Real World Assets (RWA). Integrating these features into the Prom ecosystem will empower users to navigate DeFi complexities confidently, whether by optimizing liquidity, maximizing yields, or ensuring privacy.

The collaboration streamlines DeFi application development on Prom, benefiting developers and users alike with enhanced liquidity, smoother transactions, and broader accessibility to financial services. Such collaborations highlight Prom Network's commitment to innovation and community enrichment.

By partnering with Lumia, Prom Network will foster knowledge exchange and collective growth, ensuring resilience amidst market changes.
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