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Anyone suggest me best broker for forex trading?

Jul 03 at 12:14
18 postów
I have tried 2 brokers and not satisfied with them, now I am looking for another one, which should be best scalping and low spread..

Jul 13 at 13:11
16 postów
I suggest trading with FP Markets, an ecn pricing broker with tight spreads and commission costs lower than other ecn brokers.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 16 at 06:38
43 postów
I am trading with ZFX. Low spread and good rebate. You may introduce your friend to earn extra rebate.

Aug 17 at 15:47
38 postów
I suggest FP markets since their spreads are some of the lowest compared to other brokers, EURUSD for example, is 0.0pips for most parts of the day and their commission charges are very competitive too.

Aug 18 at 14:24
27 postów
I have an account with FP Markets, and the main advantage compared to the other brokers is the number of Instruments available to Trade.

I believe they have over 10000 different products. Even though I mainly trade Forex with them, they have a huge list of global stocks and commodities to trade with.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 19 at 09:14
43 postów
If anyone interested, just contact me through profile

Aug 19 at 13:24
36 postów
I suggest FP Markets because their minimum opening balance is $100 AUD, and you can also trade with their micro-lots.

I've been trading with it for over a year, and there have been no issues with spread widening even when the markets have been choppy over the last couple of months.

Aug 20 at 14:38
31 postów
My pick is FP Markets, mainly because of their trading conditions and reliability.

Their ECN Spreads are the lowest out there compared to other similar brokers. They have been operational since 2005 and are regulated by ASIC.

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 25 at 03:05
43 postów
I am trading with ZFX. Low spread and good rebate. You may introduce your friend to earn extra rebate.
You may as well enjoy self rebate.
Just find my contact in my profile.

Sep 04 at 15:45
283 postów
there is such an option as Amarkets, I myself have been working with them for a long time, the commissions are minimal, and there are absolutely no replenishments, can you try this option, or have you already found some?

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