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Broker recommendation!

Aug 11 at 05:23
23 postów
I want to test MT5, since I think soon enough we all have to shift. Can someone recommend a good broker keeping scalping in mind? I don't want to go full in as MT4 will be my main for now. I shortlisted a few- Fxview, AvaTrade and XM. Please share your thoughts.

Aug 11 at 13:33
31 postów
I recommend trading with FP Markets because they have tighter spreads, and their mobile app is super user-friendly and helps track trades.

Aug 13 at 11:26
37 postów
If you are looking for a good lower commission broker, I recommend FP Markets; they offer some of the lowest commission costs with tight spreads and faster execution speed than any ecn broker.

Aug 15 at 15:15
40 postów
Keeping in mind your requirements of scalping and mt5 platform, i can suggest fxview in this lot. Spreads are very low, you can check on myfxbook itself, plus commission is also $2 RT. And yes they offer both mt4 and mt5. Rest of the brokers are also not bad, you can do a due research before choosing. Good luck!

Aug 16 at 13:46
37 postów
From my personal experience, I recommend FP Markets, mainly because of their lower spreads and commissions. heir Trading infrastructure is pretty robust, too.

FP Markets is a logical choice if you’re looking for a good forex broker for reputation as they have been in business for over 15 years and are regulated by ASIC.

Aug 19 at 11:31
52 postów
If you are scalper, go for fxview. I myself am using them, best spreads.

Aug 23 at 11:01
4 postów
What do u trade with them? Indices or currency pairs?

BrokerChoice (ChanKaiTai)
Aug 24 at 07:25
43 postów
You can give a try in ZFX to trade indices & FX. Low spread is basic. Trading indices includes NO commission and can have rebate.

Aug 24 at 13:05
467 postów
So far, of all the brokers I have worked with, I consider the Amarkets broker to be the best. According to the terms of work, this company seems to me a really good option.

Aug 26 at 12:28
30 postów
'I will say FP Markets, they have a minimum opening balance of 100$, no spread widening issues like the other brokers.

Lower commission, no depositing or withdrawing fees with my visa card, ecn pricing and fast execution, slippage is low.'

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