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Any way to sort/rank by year, month, etc?

Jan 08 2016 at 18:29
2 postów
Is there any way to sort/rank systems by time periods like year or month? I figure there's got to be a way, but I'm brand new to myfxbook and can't find any search features other than the basic ones.

Thanks in advance for any help/direction on this.

gbpjpyrobot1 (gbpjpyrobot1)
Jan 10 2016 at 10:53
4 postów
i think on the top is writng systems-}most popular

Jan 12 2016 at 07:09
2 postów
Yes, I see the list under Systems->Most Popular. Is there any way to sort these based on specific criteria (like weekly return, monthly return, year-to-date, etc)? Unless I am missing something, it looks like a simple list.

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