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Consistency is the brick

Feb 23 at 11:53
31 postów
Consistency is that brick which can help you build pillars of profits.

Feb 23 at 12:04
26 postów
I think most of the traders lose their money in the forex market because of their low knowledge and experience.

Feb 23 at 12:08
529 postów
If you want to make a consistent profit, you have to do money management and risk management. If risk cannot be managed, consistency cannot be maintained.

Feb 23 at 13:22
330 postów
A good trader is that trader who can make decisions quickly and perfectly, who can easily deal with the losses, who have confidence and dedication to achieve the goal at any cost.

Feb 24 at 05:21
16 postów
Yes, if someone is trying to make some profits consistently, they are more likely to succeed than others. It is important to stay focused and dedicated.

Mar 06 at 10:09
330 postów
A good trader has a structure. For example, refrains from over-trading do more analysis than trading, always tries to maintain discipline, maintains risk management, and money management. These things must be maintained if you want to trade well.

Mar 08 at 11:22
718 postów
consistency is really important for all kinds of all kind of traders , so we the traders first of all have to make sure this trading habit.

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