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Every newbie should practice

Mar 15 at 12:10
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Newbies often get impatient and want to earn quick bucks, but they should always understand that to gain profits, knowledge and experience is must which only comes by consistent practice and hard work.

Mar 15 at 13:23
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Many are attracted to Forex as a get rich quick scheme but do not want to put any work in at all. It is no surprise that they lose all their money

Mar 16 at 01:02
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SofieAndreasen posted:
AliaDare posted:
Every trader needs to gain experience by practicing demo trading. If you can't create a strategy by trading demo, then it is not possible to trade at a profit.

Traders need a profitable strategy in trading market. Demo account is the best place to build and improve a trading strategy.

Yes, why waste money on unnecessary education. Since the broker is allowing me to do demo trading, I can develop a strategy from it without spending any money.

Sar John (Sarjohn)
Mar 16 at 08:21
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Willemcurtis posted:
philipsimmions posted:
Willemcurtis posted:
Sarjohn posted:
Yes after a point you feel bored with demo trading because you don’t earn anything. This is why now I have started live trading with micro lots and also trade on a demo account to test my strategies.

Demo trade is always a safer option when it comes to trading. If you are unsure about some strategy or some trade, you can demo trade in them.

Every newbie should grab as much knowledge as they can and always keep your brain open to learning new things in order to earn.

' Yes, having knowledge is very important for a newbie. You can demo trade with a number of brokers like XM, XTB or Turnkeyforex and after demo trading you can figure out with whom to trade and will it be of any benefit to you. Always and always analyse the prices before trading anywhere. Don’t take risks with your money especially at that time when you can easily make profits.

Yes, demo account is perfect for practice and analysis work, that is why i am continue doing demo trading and live trading with micro lot size, i am learning and gaining some profits as well.

Mar 16 at 11:14
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Yes, that’s true. Demo trading can come as a great way of saving potential losses. You can develop your own strategy and test it on your demo account.

Mar 16 at 14:30
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For sure, demo trading is useful to get started. It's important to have a consistent strategy that you are profitable with before going live. There is no point in going live with no idea what you are doing.

Mar 22 at 14:40
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Practice, practice again and practice again - this is what should be constantly.

Apr 02 at 04:32
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Practising is the key to getting better and earning some money in forex. Can’t get anywhere without it.

Apr 02 at 05:24
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i always try to keep practice in demo or live , because i know very well only this practice issue can keep my trading result well. in Forex trading there is no way to stop practicing in spite of having good knowledge and experience.

Apr 02 at 06:04
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I believe that you are doing the right thing because a demo account gives us the opportunity to really preserve our childhood and devotion to prepare for what will happen on a real account

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