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Knowing new ground

Sep 25 2014 at 20:43
2 postów
New frontiers, new ceilings, new barriers, a real way to go, that's what you find in the world of online finance, however you have to know where to walk, because you can break down that's what everyone tells me, someone encouraged to give me a guide on these broad horizons on the bag?
Sep 26 2014 at 10:47
385 postów
My advice.. Join forums. A lot of experienced traders will post there..Soak in what they say..
Sep 27 2014 at 07:23
101 postów
Babypips and books and forums. About 4 years of chart time and you should be okay.
Sep 27 2014 at 09:41
385 postów
And I must mention 'world wide invest' , I would love to know how many hours I have spent there..
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