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Scalping is good

Dec 06 2020 at 08:09
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Scalping is good. But new traders should not do scalping. Scalping tends people to do over trade. Scalping is done in lower timeframe where there is too much noise in chats. It's a barrier to develop good trading psychology. Once you are expert with controlling your emotions in trading, you can do scalping also.

Dec 30 2020 at 09:28
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Yes, scalping is a good strategy and it is also profitable when done right. A lot of new traders tend to lose money because they don’t know how it actually works. Experienced traders tend to profit a lot from it.

Feb 08 at 11:26
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Scalping is not easy, a person must be good at technical analysis as the time frame is low. New traders should avoid this trading style as it tends them to do over trade and they can lose hard earned money.

Feb 15 at 08:37
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First of all, you need to remember that there are no universal profitable strategies that suit every trader. You will love scalping if you consider its features:

Feb 15 at 11:25
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I donot know why beginners try to do scalping when it is been and said that it is very risky and have a higher probability of wiping off your account.

Feb 15 at 17:42
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Yes, scalping can develop you financially in a very short time if it is possible to trade with a plan and patience.

Feb 16 at 05:33
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Scalping is a good trading style, but yes needs a lot of skills and learning. I agree that beginners shouldn't go in straight for scalping, should try on other easier trading styles first and then switch may be.

Feb 16 at 13:26
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That is something I would also like to see.

Feb 16 at 17:34
640 postów
In my opinion, every trading strategy is good. Each strategy has its own weakness and strength.

Feb 23 at 05:08
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LyudmilLukanov posted:
In my opinion, every trading strategy is good. Each strategy has its own weakness and strength.

All the trading strategies have risks. It depends on you how well you trade.

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