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Stop loss is a killer if

Jan 15 at 10:24
939 postów
Knowing how to use this tool correctly is essential. This is how you can really avoid big losses.

Jan 18 at 07:43
21 postów
Stop Loss is a killer if you are unable to control your emotions. If you can't draw the line, then there is no point in trying. Always know how much loss you can take at any given time.

Jan 21 at 05:49
16 postów
Many people struggle with placing a stop loss. Some of them even stop using it because their stop loss is hit most of the time. But not using it results in even bigger loss. Yes, the price may sometimes go against your position and then come back again to make you profit but since your risk isn’t covered, it is highly likely to make you a big loss.

Jan 21 at 09:08
25 postów
Stop loss is the real weapon in trading. Placing it is an art.

Jan 21 at 10:09
9 postów
Stop loss is a real balancing act. Set it too close to your entry and you will get stopped out all the time but set it too far and you could get massive losses when the market turns

Jan 21 at 13:24
939 postów
And I think, on the contrary, that this tool often saves traders from making wrong decisions and getting a loss.

Jan 22 at 13:40
20 postów
Stop loss really might be a killer of your profits. If you don't understand what is risk/reward ratio and you don't know how to calculate it correctly, then perhaps you should be acquianted with these things before you start trading. These things are the basic in risk management practices and if you don't want to comply with them, then you might face unpleasant consequences of such ignorance on the market. However, there are some traders who can trade without using stop loss and they have profits. Anyway, it reuires lots of experience and knowledge in order to understand how much you can afford yourself to lose.

Jan 22 at 18:28
801 postów
And this tool, on the contrary, very often helps me out.

Jan 23 at 09:11
939 postów
But for me, it is a very important tool. As for me, this may, on the contrary, allow you not to receive losses.

Jan 23 at 11:45
685 postów
using a stop loss in a proper way is really a tough game and a great skill , need a very long time experience with good level of patience.

Jan 23 at 13:10
1 postów
Not really! It depends on how users used it. Stop Loss is a killer if you are unable to control your emotions like what I experienced when I am new to this.

Suradi (FXOday)
Jan 23 at 22:03
288 postów
Sometimes you cant deny for the loss, this is normal for traders face losing trades, maybe some traders say if the stop-loss is killer, but actually depending on your trading strategy, stop loss is one way to manage the risk if often hit stop loss hence you need to improve trading strategy maybe you need a better way to determine entry point and exit point.

Jan 27 at 06:22
34 postów
Stop loss can be a killer if not used properly, but it also can be a lifesaver. Make sure to know when is the right time to use them and follow the rules. If a trader trades without a stop loss and the market turns against you, then you might get into serious trouble and run up a lot of losses. A stop loss order will automatically close your position for you, giving you peace of mind.

Jan 29 at 21:28
796 postów
Trading without stop loss is considered very dangerous as traders can not only lose a limited amount of money, but also lose the total capital of the account.

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