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There is no short cut

Dec 27 2020 at 12:32
672 postów
There is no short cut to success. In short time anyone can get some temporary success but for sustainable success, it needs time. But most traders do not try to understand this simple fact. They live in fool's Paradise. They want to make quick money without necessary skills and knowledge.

Dec 27 2020 at 13:29
689 postów
True. There is no shortcut in trading. Only knowledge and skill make you truly successful.

Jan 05 at 08:49
15 postów
Your knowledge and skills are the only tools that help you in your forex trading career. Other things are temporary and will fade away easily.

Jan 05 at 10:50
718 postów
i like to depend on Forex , because its really a royal business than others. generally we the take Forex as money making place  and this greed comes from making profit from demo account. 

Jan 06 at 06:17
14 postów
It’s true. There are no shortcuts in forex trading. You have to be apt with your knowledge and decision-making to be able to make the most of the market situation. Just stay open to learning at all levels.

Jan 18 at 09:59
21 postów
Yes, you have to take the highway when it comes to trading. Shortcuts lead to nowhere and it is a process of constant learning.

Jan 18 at 10:50
55 postów
If there was an actual shortcut to success, then all of us would have been millionaire, or even billionaire so that is so unrealistic.
There is never shortcut to life, just like that, there is also never shortcut to success of trading

Jan 18 at 11:27
12 postów
Some shortcuts can be made by focusing on only the best educational sites and books. There is so much junk if you cut that out then you will get to succeed faster

Feb 04 at 09:02
119 postów
It is really very correct to filter out unnecessary information, focus only on the important.

Feb 04 at 09:56
148 postów
there is no short cut way of learning or earning.
need a long term experience with patience. so first of all have to make sure a pure mentality.,

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