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Dirk Schaefer (sfx_systems)
Mar 27 2013 at 14:48
321 postów

anybody in here has experience with TradeNext?
Indian Broker based in London (City of London)

does anybody has experience with them, trading, IB, PAMM, Money, Withdrawals...

THANK You in advance

Geht Nich Gibt´s Nich
Mar 28 2013 at 09:34
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They suspended my account without any notice due to news trading. They are STP though.

Adil Siddiqui (adilfx)
Feb 14 2014 at 10:14
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Altivec, I think it will be useful to explain why, when you use a STP provider the liquidity providers shut you off depending on the trading style. If the trading style is unacceptable (regardless of the reason) this happens.

Overall its a broker that is growing day by day, new clients, new products, worth a try :}

try then you will find out
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