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Bonus and broker

Dec 21 2020 at 14:52
17 postów
It is not wrong to choose a broker that offers bonuses, but before investing in it check if it is under proper regulation because this has now become one of the easiest ways for scammers to lure in traders using bonus offers.

Jan 01 at 13:10
19 postów
I don’t personally favour the bonuses because I feel that it is just a business tactic to attract traders, no matter how good or bad the platform is.

Christian Paul (8christianpaul8)
Jan 01 at 15:58
87 postów
Why not? So stupid to think that you should not do it. I have an account with Roboforex. They gave 60% bonus that can be used during drawdown. It only took me 1 year to fulfill the requirements and withdraw the profits. It's free money so why not take it? If you will not use the money and just let your account capital grow until you fulfill the requirements for the bonus, then go for it. It will also make you more disciplined since you are in it for the long term. FBS also has good 100% bonus. Though you cannot use it during drawdown, but the requirements are better. It's only 1/3 lots of bonus received like 1k lots for 3k dollars bonus.

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Jan 09 at 16:52
31 postów
I prefer trading with a broker that offers no bonus because brokers that offer bonuses are most likely to be a scammer, so I currently trade with FP Markets an ASIC and Cysec regulated broker.

FP Markets spreads start from 0pips in most major pairs, and the commission cost is pretty competitive to other ECN brokers.

Christian Paul (8christianpaul8)
Jan 09 at 17:16
87 postów
Wow that's a big assumption. Do you mean that XM, the one that sponsored this site is a scam?

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
Jan 09 at 18:06
57 postów
In addition to the good conditions, I also liked the unique Cashback program from AMarkets

Feb 05 at 08:24
30 postów
At the moment, many brokers offer good bonuses, but there are also complaints that these bonuses cannot be used.

Feb 09 at 10:58
22 postów
Well, I doubt if any good regulated broker provides a bonus and for me, regulation is what plays the most imp role. I’ve been trading with fxview, couldn’t avail a bonus but the trading conditions are good and regulations are strong, which is a priority.

Feb 09 at 12:57
70 postów
Brokers who care about their reputation, respect their clients, always try to provide high-quality bonuses.

Christian Paul (8christianpaul8)
Feb 09 at 13:27
87 postów
Malajind posted:
Brokers who care about their reputation, respect their clients, always try to provide high-quality bonuses.

High quality bonuses? What separates these HQ bonuses from the low ones?

Trading is a marathon, not a sprint.
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