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Forex spreads

Sep 07 2017 at 14:51
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From all trading elements in Forex spreads is mainly considered as an important financial tool which an investor should consider when choosing a broker. If you are a scalper obviously have to make sure a broker which always provides lowest trading spreads which is only way to make profit with surely by scalping that brings profit very rapidly than other trading strategies.
Tiffany (TiffanyK)
Sep 08 2017 at 06:26
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What is this topic about? I think most of us are aware of what you said. Is it about discussing spreads? :)
Accept the loss as experience
wamiikechukwu (Wamski)
Sep 10 2017 at 06:58
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am bit confuse my self.
Tomorrow is far away but yesterday is so close.
Sep 13 2017 at 13:54
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It is always best to have a broker with low spreads
Adel Grepling (Adelgrepling)
Dec 14 2017 at 08:29
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We know that the Limited Mobile Spread is the most recommended to operate in the most optimal way, so try to choose brokers that have that type of system, or in default fixed spreads.
But the issue does not end here, it would be good to comment that such spreads work in their brokers, to rescue this thread
Nov 08 2020 at 11:20
318 postów
Yes. Spreads is the most important toolsof trading. LOw spreads broker can ensure the maximum profit from the market.
Nov 09 2020 at 06:56
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TiffanyK posted:
What is this topic about? I think most of us are aware of what you said. Is it about discussing spreads? :)
I guess this is just a general discussion on forex spreads?
Oh well, I personally think it is better to have forex offering tight spreads to enjoy the good trading experience.
Nov 09 2020 at 07:43
298 postów
the spreads is very important financial tool when time to choose a broker , generally we the traders always wiling to trade comfortable trading spreads.
Nov 26 2020 at 06:42
17 postów
Spreads are quite essential when you are trading. Look for brokers that offer tight spreads and low commissions.
Nov 26 2020 at 11:32
34 postów
Can’t agree more! Wide spreads leave nothing with the broker, I just recently made fresh accounts with hotforex and fxview after realizing how much I was losing on with my previous brokers. Ultimately it is only about commissions and spreads.
May 24 2021 at 17:37
330 postów
Brokers with low spreads help you to make money from this market.
Jul 01 2021 at 17:47
567 postów
Tremblay posted:
Brokers with low spreads help you to make money from this market.
I agree with you.
Jul 06 2021 at 17:31
759 postów
Try to find low spreads broker low or the currency pair which have low spreads like EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.
Aug 07 2021 at 15:06
869 postów
For scalping, the trader needs low spreads to trader effectively.
Dec 24 2021 at 02:53
751 postów
I always choose a broker according to its spread. Too high spreads, as well as too low are suspicious for me. Trading principles are not so important
Dec 24 2021 at 03:52
617 postów
They are nothing but important! If they are too high, they'll take a good part of trader's profit. If they are too low, you need to be careful, it might mean that it's a trap on the broker's side.
Dec 26 2021 at 11:26
994 postów
the newcomers should not trade in a real account before demo , because demo is only the place where you can acquire knowledge by doing losses. so be careful beginners
Sep 18 2022 at 08:31
93 postów
Basically, traders never want to share their own strategy so newbies have to develop their own strategy with time.
Sep 18 2022 at 13:32
76 postów
this is so true , agree with you
Sep 19 2022 at 12:18
20 postów
Yeah yeah tight spreads are nice but what do you guys think about commission. I really hate when I see a broker what takes commissions on FX. Like FX is so barebones, why do you need to charge that much? IDK...
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