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Tips To Being A Successful Trader

Sep 27 2020 at 17:08
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Very nice post. I agree with you. This will help all the new traders to make decisions.
Danina Battle (NinaPipin)
Sep 28 2020 at 01:14
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Sep 28 2020 at 01:30
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As a trader, I spend time thinking about how I can make a profit by trading according to discipline. After a lot of research, I have noticed some important things which are money management, risk management, trade management, trading plan, good strategy. If all these things are maintained, it will not take much time to be successful.
Sep 28 2020 at 07:25
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Barbara Wright (barbarawright)
Oct 19 2020 at 11:12
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Risk management should occupy a central position in your trading plan.
Elena Triston (ele020)
Oct 20 2020 at 05:49
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Apart from the tips, a trader should also be very careful regarding what not to do while trading.

1. Trading without market knowledge
2. Using excessive exposure
3. Following the herd blindly.
4. Trading too much.
5. Trading without strategy or thought process
6. Trading with no exit plan.

If a trader continues to make these mistakes, trading would be next to impossible for him.
The more your practice, the more you learn.
Oct 21 2020 at 06:14
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The tips are light enough, correct, but many do not follow them
Oct 21 2020 at 18:09
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Great list, and I like @ele020 's addition, too. These basic statements are worth remembering and reminding ourselves of from time to time.
Oct 22 2020 at 06:27
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barbarawright posted:
Risk management should occupy a central position in your trading plan.
True! Managing risk and capital are really important.
Nov 05 2020 at 06:36
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A proper knowledge and skills will help you a good deal. Keep practicing and make sure you work on your risk management and money management techniques.
Nov 05 2020 at 06:56
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- work with a trading plan, stick to it whenever possible.
- do not let emotions interfere in your trades.
- start after gaining good knowledge.
- stay updated about technicals & fundamentals.
Nov 05 2020 at 07:41
341 postów
Most of the traders lose their money because of their low knowledge about trading. So, try to learn all the basics of forex properly before starting forex trading.
Nov 05 2020 at 08:18
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With her still a lot of experience and practice, you need to take advantage of the good offer of the broker Amarkets pleases the service where you can earn at the professional level.
Nov 06 2020 at 07:13
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Nov 06 2020 at 07:16
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Success comes from hard work and determination. You can keep reading and learning more and more about forex trading and try some money management techniques.
Nov 27 2020 at 05:41
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Lack of knowledge and no control over emotions is the biggest reason why most traders lose money in the market. Focus on your learning before you could do anything.
Nov 28 2020 at 13:06
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Unwillingness to learn and develop also leads to negative consequences.
Nov 28 2020 at 19:47
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A trader should focus on earning money from this market. For that, he has to make a good and profitable plan. A good plan can make him rich.
Nov 28 2020 at 20:35
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forex trading really easy if you follow only 2 rules
Follow this rules and you will be winner for long term small profit for lifetime 10000% better than 2 or 3 time big profit and after 4 trying account burn so please new trader follow this rule for long term profit thank you and enjoying
               2% RISK

$200-500 - max 10 trades
$500-$1000 - max 15 trades
$1000 - $2000 - max 20 trades
$2000+ - max 30 trades

$200-$1500 / 0.01lots
$1500 - $2500 / 0.02lots
$3000+ / 0.03lots

Please follow my recommendations for long term profits.
Nov 29 2020 at 01:05
298 postów
Successful traders never go back to their goals. They always learn from Loss. And they work according to discipline and plan.
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