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Which pairs are your least favorite to trade? And why?

Sep 27 2020 at 03:51
86 postów
Just like I mentioned in the title. Looking forward to hear some opinions.

Sep 27 2020 at 17:07
140 postów
I think you can rely on EURUSD. I am very fond of this pair.

Oct 12 2020 at 09:49
65 postów
Some of the currency pairs are very difficult to trade and are the least favored by traders. EUR/CHF and EUR/TRF might be the most troublesome pairs and it is better to avoid dealing in them.

togr (togr)
Oct 12 2020 at 09:57
4862 postów
Exotic ones with high spreads

Oct 12 2020 at 11:39
55 postów
I try to stay away from the exotic pairs because they are not much liquid.

bennieriley (bennieriley)
Oct 13 2020 at 05:55
36 postów
Currently GBP/EUR, absolutely unpredictable at the moment.

Dec 07 2020 at 07:10
26 postów
I don’t know about the least favorite. But CAD/USD is definitely my favorite.

Dec 07 2020 at 12:16
341 postów
My favorite pair is EURUSD. It gives me a lot of profit and it is easy to predict.

Dec 08 2020 at 09:02
177 postów
EUR/USD is my favorite pair of currency because it is least volatile.

Dec 09 2020 at 06:29
63 postów
I dont prefer the Exotic Pairs.

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