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Decompiling an EA

Sep 24 at 22:55
12 postów
My partner and I recently purchased source code for a MT4 EA. This was supposed to be the latest version of an existing EA which we already had in our possession. In making the transaction, we asked if we preferred the earlier model to the one that we were buying, we could have access to the source code for that one as well. We paid for the source code and, after testing, find that we prefer the earlier model a great deal over the 'new and improved' model. We reached out to the developer in an effort to get the source code for the preferred version. He has totally ignored our communications. And since the developer is in Asia and we paid for it in Bitcoin, our legal recourse is limited. In light of all this, we feel like we have a legal and ethical right to try to use the earlier EA that we have in an effort to find its source code. I know that this is not always possible, but it is my understanding that often an EA can be decompiled and reveal the underlying source code. We are, therefore, looking for someone to help in this process so we can gain access to the program that we have paid for. I am willing to document our purchase of the source code for the 'newest' version of this EA if desired.

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