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WOC Mod 4 - 02 (Od Robsonfx )

Zysk : +7994.31%
wypłata 3.19%
Pkt: 17349.6
Transakcje 712
Jakość modelu: 90.0%
Wiersze w teście: 366856
Tiki modelowane: 111890226

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WOC Mod 4 - 02 Omówić

Dec 15 2020 at 18:06
2 postów
In the robot settings there is thing named max lots by reset its set 0.10 lots you have to make it bigger and you will make much more money
Dec 23 2020 at 05:51
34 postów
I never saw such a graph before. The steps look good. But I wonder if the system will work similarly with me or not.
Dec 24 2020 at 18:21
2 postów
Its experts from 'endlesspips' type will not work on real account
If you want me give you advice how to make money on forex I will tell only two things that made from my 50$ 14 000 000$ for 2 years
1.The price is manipulated there are stop loss hunters and to understand where the crowd will put their stop losses is easy
2.Do not try to find strategies on the web better just sit and made your own strategy
3.There is not combination from indicators that will make you money.
Dec 24 2020 at 19:07
6 postów
forward test not available which is most important
Dec 27 2020 at 01:36
3 postów
Hello, I am new to trading any advice? I have $500 account to start.
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