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Autotrade transparency Omówić

Apr 01 2016 at 23:42
93 postów
Suggest that real subscriber performance be shown, after slippage and spread markups. Also; why is there no 'discuss' button on autotrade performance pages? This would be quite useful if followers and prospective followers could post their experiences. Hiding something???
Apr 14 2016 at 23:18
471 postów
I agree.

and discussions about experience has been discouraged..
Apr 24 2016 at 06:35
5 postów
I agree too, It's a good idea..
Swing Trading FX (Daveski)
Apr 26 2016 at 06:13
37 postów
I agree too.
Plan the Trade. Trade the Plan
May 20 2016 at 16:51
2 postów
Yes, why not ?
Wie het kleine niet eert, is het grote niet weerd.
Aug 05 2016 at 03:58
1 postów
Because of benefit conflict. Providers will not like that. I think so.😞
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