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User blocking limitation Omówić

Jun 28 2016 at 19:54
45 postów
Hi folk, I am not completely sure whether this suggestion was already made, so sorry in advance if that is duplicate. How often can we see profiles with noticeable counter of blocked users, and in vast majority of cases it has a bad faith background behind it. So my suggestion is to put some limits to ability of users' blocking, so that if the number of blocked users by one's profile reaches some small figure, let's say, 5 or 6, then with applying the option of further blocking, it will be put to some sort of moderation queue and 'blocker' should provide a good reason to admins why does he or she wants to block this or that user. I do know that it would be additional difficulty for admins, but I suppose it would ensure good improvement of MFB services. Please vote and share your thoughts, maybe you could reveal reasons of why this suggestion is not good.

Nov 15 2016 at 07:53
13 postów
Not sure if I understand you right, what of background do you say about?

Ionuc (Glestofirb)
Nov 20 2016 at 07:37
7 postów
I guess it is about making money on bad goods and with preventing other experienced traders to expose such activity? Good offer as for me, vote yes

Jan 10 2017 at 08:41
395 postów
how about the user has to PAY to block a person. if have have to block someone, pay a $5 fee

Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
Jan 11 2017 at 04:15
1557 postów
I think it's fine to keep the way it is, as long as I can see how many profiles a user has blocked. I know the scammers usually have heaps of blocks.

Jan 16 2017 at 07:50
12 postów
@RedRhinoFX personally I find your offer mostly reasonable, but how about when a scammer scams someone for $700 (just e.g.) so that $5 each for other several ones blocked will not make any difficulty? The less people there are blocked the more opportunities there are to expose something suspicious

Ozzie Matt (aeronthomas)
Jan 16 2017 at 08:00
1557 postów
I was thinking it would be good to have a table of the top 10 blockers. or maybe would need to be top 50 ... haha

Jan 17 2017 at 22:25
45 postów
@aeronthomas seriously, I think this deserves a separate suggestion thread. Then it would be super good to statistically define proportion between blocked users and super-income trading strategies stated as real. Would help newbies to come to useful conclusions in advance.

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