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FIN888 (By ositek )

Zysk +608.78%
Spadek depozytu 1.40%
Pipsy: 4642.2
Transakcje 1198
Typ Rzeczywiste
Dźwignia: 1:100
Handel Nieznany
Jan 09 at 23:23
38 postów
Hi @ositek,
Can you run your system with a more reputable broker so I can subscribe?

..the alien does not concern itself with the opinions of humans..
ositek (ositek)
Jan 11 at 01:47
18 postów
Hi Drayzen,

Unfortunately no...

Right now we have over 6.000 Subscriber since Oct 2019
and our members Withdraw nearly every day


ositek (ositek)
Jan 11 at 01:48
18 postów
If you decide like to try

To join FIN888 must use special Link

FIN888 is Exclusive to SamtradeFX

Robot is FREE, Profit Sharing as follow
USD 1.000 to 9.999, 65%
USD 10.000+, 75%

Peter Sufandri, WA +62 878 7760 2038

Feb 08 at 06:39
19 postów
A gain of 441.07% is very good if you ask me. Even your system looks amazing. Keep it up!

Feb 19 at 06:46
94 postów
Broker is known to be a dubious bucket shop, ie. chances of this being a scam is very high.

Great looking system and the history not being hidden is something that we see to rarely on these pages but I have to agree with this comment above. Transferring money to a broker that is incorporated in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines is inviting trouble. It would be very easy to set up an IB with a reputable broker.

If you aim at nothing you will hit it every time.
Mar 02 at 04:21
16 postów
The system looks good to me but I would like to know more about this. Do you mind sharing if this system is manual or automated and the strategies you’ve used for this. Thanks.

ositek (ositek)
Mar 02 at 12:03
18 postów
The system is 50/50: Half Auto

Robot looking for Entry point
Candle Stick Reversal Pattern

once found, report to trader

trader check visually and entry trade

then wait for 5 min. If reverse then Take Profit, if not Cut Loss.

Money management, only use 10% of capital. Never stay Overnite


Mar 09 at 23:28
3 postów
drayzen posted:
Hi @ositek,
Can you run your system with a more reputable broker so I can subscribe?

Peter, you can quite easily keep your investors with SamTradeFX and then use a good 'Forex Copier' software for people that do not wish to use SamTradeFX for whatever reason. Seems like you are losing out on a bigger / global position here?

Stephen Smith.

GolmanGolden (GolmanGolden)
Mar 10 at 11:43
7 postów
Hello I saw your message and your where speaking about 'Forex Copier' what tool can we use for it you think? @tigerinvestments

ositek (ositek)
Mar 11 at 02:04
18 postów
Some FIN888 investor did that
they try to copy to other broker
it won't work

cause Samtrade is STP/ECN with Aggregation pricing system
and most brokers are inhouse dealing desk and hence using diffrent LPs

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