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Forex (Od Cup2521 )

Zysk : +36.55%
wypłata 4.72%
Pkt: 1518.8
Transakcje 282
Wprowadzić: Demo
Dźwignia finansowa: 1:500
Handel: Niewiadomy

Forex Omówić

Sep 23 2018 at 06:52
2 postów
Hello, have 1000pips stopped tracking this account ? tks!

Andy Zatt (fastdrive55)
May 01 2020 at 22:13
102 postów
I am also asking myself this question. The system is promoted on clickbank (!)

You haven't been around lately.
Dec 12 2020 at 06:24
1 postów
Jan 05 2021 at 09:18
21 postów
Seems okay to me. You can probably work on it and make it better and more profitable. Good luck with this, there is a scope for improvement.

Jan 15 2021 at 06:31
16 postów
It’s okay for a system to not work all the time. You can keep customizing it and updating it to meet your trading requirements.

Feb 05 2021 at 04:01
33 postów
Even if this is a demo, the leverage is way too high for it. Could work on that.

Mar 04 2021 at 12:17
24 postów
Your demo looks really good and It is nice that you shared it on the platform. Good work.

Mar 11 2021 at 10:35
18 postów
I prefer trading on dem accounts as well. This demo also looks great too.

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