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iFX-MM2 (Od iforextraders )

Użytkownik usunął ten system.

iFX-MM2 Omówić

Apr 09 2015 at 11:53
35 postów
I had bad experience with this greedy crook, he blowed out my acc $1000 within two days. I warned him many times that this trading is too risky on that big lot size, minimal reverse move caused downside 50% of the account then margin call and closed trades with a loss. He did one good day to only loose after all what he made plus deposit.

This trading is ridiculous, its not trading at all, because this doesn’t have any risk management rules, this guy opens his trades full size and wait without any stop loss and targets. Its gambling.

 Leonard Silverman is very greedy guy who cares only about his money, doesn’t care if he loose all money for any of his clients. Stay away from him. He is not interesting to regain the lost money, he asks to put additional deposit. Very unethical guy. Stay away from this scammer.
Apr 09 2015 at 13:17
96 postów
My account was blowed in one day !! Now you can see why this system IFX-R has been deleted ! Unrealistic high lots and grid even if it is a high risk account ! 😈

'As I told you this is a high risk trader, with high potential too. He did some bad moves today, you were just unlucky. You can start again with the more conservative approach. But you will need $1000, I will deduct the loss from the profits of the other account.' No way once and for all, your trading approch is UGLY, no more less ! SCAMMER !!!!! Refund my money !
Apr 10 2015 at 08:08
6 postów
This trading strategy is not conservative, its aggressive, if you want conservative trading with 10% per year, go somewhere else.
If you want the chance to make 1000% per day here is a the good place. One advice remove your capital when you double your account.
Apr 10 2015 at 08:15
6 postów
Some kids come to forex want 1000% with zero risk, This is not for kids, its for mature people who understand that risk and reward come together. We offer you experience, and the possibility to grow your account, if you don't like our high lots approach, then you can go find other traders for your $1000 accounts.
Apr 10 2015 at 10:05
35 postów
Or you are so stupid or you do not know what to say or do not have any idea about trading. I guess all together. I have over 10 years experience on markets, and when you are telling such shits it make me lough.
 Your ugly trading aproach caused that you blowed up many accounts including mine and you call it risky? Risky is when you make risky decisions and finally survive to make some money at the end of the day. Here its gambling, scam you'r crook! Every kid when start trading knows that most important is to survive first, to look at how much he can lose first then think about how much he can win, otherwise if you dont understand that, sooner or later you will end up with 0 balance and never have a chance to make any dollar from 0. Here you do not think at all about % of loss at all. One time your trader produce 100% return another hour he is losing 90% of account, this is trading that is offered to publick???? You are jokinig man, you think you are so funny or what?? ha ? you should go to the jail for somethink like that! Such things you can do on your own account not offer to public to other people accounts.

To your knowledge dear Leonard, if its your real name at all becasue I doubt in it. Agressive trading, is making high frequency trades during the day and adding up profits , cutting loses quickly, and risking some predefinied % of the account like max 30%, - which is agressive- that max was showed when I joined your program. However trading in a way like opening a trade and goiing offside 80%-90% of the account and still waiting and praying for price comming back to your entry price is first stupidity secound gambling and third if you offer such thing to public its SCAM, fraud procedure! You understand that ?

I have already reported your case to right prosecution authorities, I hope they will find you soon and put you where your place is behind bars in jail.
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