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Zysk : +1051.44%
wypłata 38.78%
Pkt: 2485.6
Transakcje 868
Wprowadzić: Rzeczywisty
Dźwignia finansowa: 1:500
Handel: Automatyczny


Mar 01 2016 at 09:23
371 postów
didarsd posted:
without tp and sl its risky....alex can u explain?

Walter account shows TP and SL. EA has no set TP and SL.



Alex (lionfxtrader)
Mar 01 2016 at 09:31
102 postów
Hello all,

TP and SL aren't blocked.
They work programmatically, individually every day.
The broker doesn't see it. I wrote about it already.
My adviser it not a silly grid.
Look please for 2 years - https://www.lionfxtrader.com/StrategyTester.htm
Exit cases from trade at a loss

Md Didarul Alam (didarsd)
Mar 01 2016 at 12:39
70 postów
if its not use sl ....any account may blown

Vadim (FXdog)
Mar 01 2016 at 15:29
24 postów
Hey everybody!
Guys i have just purchased this EA and i would like to asure you this developer is a real person and friendly communicative!
He at once has sent me a robot file pack after my payment confirmed and i want to say its not a Scam and a developer is NOT a scammer!
I have installed this EA on Real CENT account and for now it runs the same as it runs here (on Myfxbook).
How will it run in the future?...it remains to be seen😉!
Profit to all of you!

Md Didarul Alam (didarsd)
Mar 01 2016 at 17:37
70 postów
congrats fxdog.....keep us updating..
which broker u used?

Vadim (FXdog)
Mar 01 2016 at 18:27
24 postów
well...i use the same Broker as LionFX Trader uses...but not Rubles account.I use USD- CENT account via Forex4you (CENT NDD).
And my results today were exactly the same like LION!Amazing!
I hope on very good results with this EA!But ...FX is not so quiet and predictable-who knows what can happen!

Mar 02 2016 at 03:01
131 postów
@FXdog Seems promising... can you test with regulated brokers? example like Tickmill or IC Markets. Thanks

Vadim (FXdog)
Mar 02 2016 at 06:18
24 postów
Hey Alexz80!Sorry but for now i plan running on Forex4you for 2-4 weeks on CENT acc and if its ok i relocate to IC Markets or Roboforex-ECN. I do not have an account with Tickmill and dont want oprn with them so far...
As for LION EA-it performs good so far-the same trades as here.Keep on touch.

Mar 02 2016 at 06:32
131 postów
@FXdog Thank you for your answer. can you please posted your trading too at here?

Mar 02 2016 at 06:37
131 postów
@lionfxtrader i want to know is it rarely open position with your EA? as i see the history the open position is not everyday. Thanks.

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