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Mohd Faizal Bin Abdul Samad (Od TRADO MARKET )

Zysk : +88.78%
wypłata 75.76%
Pkt: 803.8
Transakcje 1344
Wprowadzić: Rzeczywisty
Dźwignia finansowa: 1:500
Handel: Automatyczny

Mohd Faizal Bin Abdul Samad Omówić

Jun 17 2018 at 12:09
254 postów
It looks like your Semi Martingale Auto Hedging system failed the market test. Current drawdown is -33.43% also your current equity is 66.57% from here now if you are lucky then you may recover your floating drawdown. But I believe that market always teaches a lesson to a high-risk trading system like Martingale. You cannot beat the market by using any variation of Martingale Money management such as yours Semi Martingale Auto Hedging system is a living example for that.


The market will trade through it’s path of least resistance .
Jul 02 2018 at 12:45
12 postów
You Are wrong this is when the EA system testing the trader skill hopely u can see the survival of the account in long time period. to handle the high impact situation once its come. Mostly all the small account like mine will be wiped out MC on that situation. But with the experience the account is recovery from the turbulence impact. on 14 june Statistic data show what is happening. u must make more homework before put a claim the system is failed. Let me tell you something there is no Holy Grail system out there is 100% perfect. Please show me if u got one. Live in Fx realistic world. I have others few account is still running why not commented on that.

Here is where a Trader play the rules of making the recovery when come to the situation when others account is blown out. is FX business. I think u just a little knowledge in this industries and do not know what is all about the whole Fx games play. The important of all subject is the survival of the account and how you manage the situation properly. Stay tuned and carry on watched the account.

But anyway thank for comment... Hopely u have a good system similar to mine. TQ
Founded By Trader For Traders
Jul 02 2018 at 13:59
254 postów
I like that you are really so confident of your martingale system but your current statistics are showing otherwise still your equity is only 77% and recovering from floating drawdown.Your current system and also your other similar system not even 1month old so there is nothing to comment.
I have long trading experience I have seen many high risk systems likes yours every high risk system creator claim than his system is like holy grail but they fail in long run.
I only comments based on your stats...so don't get offended. I hope your martingale system survive in long run.
The market will trade through it’s path of least resistance .
Jul 03 2018 at 05:57
12 postów
Ok Thank you for the comment. Some people do not believe in Martingale. Same like me i also don't believe in other EA strategy system. Because in the market nothing is fit my criteria. but it doesn't mean i don't believe in other method of strategy. But until now None is proving the good result in a long Run. I've been in this market since 2010 not as long as yours. But my observation about the Product is long enough to do lot a simulation process. As i said earlier there is no perfect system in the market.

I like to do opposite, Like the Fx market itself. That why i choose the martingale. Because other dont believe on it. Why i believe, one reason i code it myself and it suit 70% the way i'm thinking about the market. The 30% is upon my skill to handle when it come into certain situation.

Let see to performance how this EA can struggling in the long Run.

Anyway thank for the comment.... Long Live Traders
Founded By Trader For Traders
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