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MSystem - Real - 100% (Od Doud Invest )

Użytkownik uczynił swoją strategię prywatną.

MSystem - Real - 100% Omówić

Mar 05 at 19:42
1 postów
hi, i am new in the trading and i would like to know how ispossible to copy your trades or follows ?

the is subscription ?

thanks for the answers :)

Doud Invest (DoudInv)
Mar 06 at 14:43
1 postów
Hello PaulBilhaud,

you can contact us on telegram https://t.me/doudInvest


Mar 12 at 12:10
2 postów
The system looks good. But I think that 1:1000 leverage is quite high for a beginner. You can try reducing it until you get fully confident.

Apr 01 at 13:09
10 postów
This trading system does have potential and I like how you have worked with the leverage to make profits. Keep it up!

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