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NMi Super Scalper v1.17 RT (Od NewMillenniumInc )

Użytkownik usunął ten system.

NMi Super Scalper v1.17 RT Omówić

Aug 23 2012 at 06:08
4 postów
Will you update this account again?
Aug 23 2012 at 06:38
131 postów
Hi Miki,

No, and that account was running a NON Guardianzed version of the v1.17 RT with slightly different setting - so not a 100% copy of the Guardianzed v1.17 and therefore not so precisely indicative. I had on my list to get v1.17 setup on same DMA demo as official FWD last night to replace this one but didnt get to it - I've a couple other EA projects I am working on and got buried last night (like the with the spike scalper, myfxbook link in our forum currently).

v1.17 BETA on demo should be up today and listed, with live/real shortly following. Some further updates and new pair planned for V1.17 as well before it becomes officially supported.

Some current clients have been testing the v1.17 BETA though and I eagerly await their early findings - buyt like any system or update it needs to be given sufficient time to show its affect.

Cheers, Adam :)
Aug 23 2012 at 07:47
4 postów
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