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Profix-EA set1 (Od profix_ea )

Użytkownik usunął ten system.

Profix-EA set1 Omówić

US.YOUNG (michaelkim)
Mar 08 2015 at 10:56
182 postów
If you show one year statements to your bank, they will loan you more than millions or invest on you
Mar 08 2015 at 19:28
390 postów
This guy blocked MichaelKim to post in this post.

**************My friend, Michael said that tickmill does not accept US resident and don't fall in this scam*******************
Mar 08 2015 at 19:33
390 postów
My question!!!

If you want to sell your EA, Why do you hide everything in myfxbook account????

Why??? are you shame about your EA trading if you open everything??

Please unblock MichaelKim to post here if you are confident. He is my closed friend and tell only the truth and try to protect myfxbook members from be scammed.
Mar 08 2015 at 19:43
390 postów
You are asking Michaelkim eamil and blocked him to post herre..........

Here is michaelkim email: [email protected]

contact him directly
Mar 09 2015 at 01:42
6 postów
Ok guys, whoever wants to make money with this EA and don't want to buy it, then contact me, I have played around with settings a lot and found great settings which belongs to me only, so we can make a deal and I will trade on your account...
Mar 09 2015 at 10:55
1 postów
Listen up people, this guy is the biggest scam artist going. He has blocked me two times from posting here already, because I was simply telling the truth here about him and his so called Profix-EA grid trading EA. After all isnt that what these forums are all about, to protect each other from such scam artists as this guy.

First of all just think about it for a minute, his account is not verified at all and he has everything set to private mode so you cant even see any of the trades or balance etc. If he really did make 71,000 % ROI in one year on a $5000.00 account, (which is what he told me via email) which is 710 times your money, and would probably net him over a billion dollars, do you think he would be actually selling the EA for a measly $350.00 bucks, I am sorry but I dont believe the results or this scam artist.

 Dont think that I am just posting here for the benefit of my health, because I dont think so. I have paid him my hard earned money for his Profix-EA and have been running it for 11 trading days at Tickmill broker. I can assure like I said in my previous post from a few days ago, that it made some money in the first week, but wow did the crap ever hit the fan in the second week.

My draw down went up to 89%, and I saved my account from blowing up by hedging all the buy trades. You see the EURUSD kept going down and his EA kept buying all the way down causing a huge draw down. The big thing is that he gets most of his results from the EURJPY pair and most of my results are from the EURUSD, and I am not getting or seeing over 1300% ROI per week that he is showing here.

 The EA that he sold to me is not the same at all that he is running here on My Fx Book, in fact its not even close. All my stats are completely the opposite of his, and if anyone knows anything about Grid trading EA's they all have huge draw downs. You all have been warned about this scam, and he is the only one laughing all the way to the bank.

Mar 13 2015 at 11:54
8 postów

My conservative trade ProfixEA (start 12 januar.2015) https://www.myfxbook.com/members/fxfoster/profixea-usg-mt4/1185926

I use broker USGFX and my conservative settings.

Thanks 'profix_ea'.
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