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Użytkownik uczynił swoją strategię prywatną.

SAP Omówić

Feb 29 2016 at 07:39
471 postów
on simpletrader strategy description is states
'Very conservative traders, please use 1X copy setup. Account's risk frame is 15% max DD.'

Your monthly profit is 1.87% and willing to risk 15%. That is equal to 8 months worth of profits.

Your strategy use Martingale Grid. The worst money management possible and not worth mentioning the word 'safe'

Jan 05 2017 at 08:12
2 postów
I have been copying this signal for a while now and it works well, -however, the drawdown is not recorded correctly. I have personally witnessed a 18% drawdown on the Master Account in December, but the stats here only shows <0.1% ?? This is misleading.

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