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Samuel Winkler


Imię Samuel Winkler

Our Fund Management! is equipped with well versed and experienced Forex Traders which helps us to take make consistent money in the market. Our experienced Forex Traders are always there to assist our clients to achieve there financial goals.

Making Your Future a Success !!!

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Fundamental Analysis of Market, along with Technical Analysis.
Different kinds of strategies to suit risk taking capability of clients. Like, Hedging Strategy's or Auto Robot's etc.

Making Your Future a Success

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Imię Zysk Spadek depozytu Pipsy Handel Dźwignia Typ
RTM2018 5.22% 4.57% -1641.4 Automatyczny 1:200 Rzeczywiste
HDS 2018 3.30% 3.05% 792.8 Automatyczny 1:200 Rzeczywiste
Shailesh1 141.40% 15.56% 1478.3 Ręczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
Shailesh2 100.18% 34.67% 1081.2 Ręczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
Shailesh3 165.49% 25.73% 1735.4 Ręczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
Sumit 2.58% 2.50% -153.6 Automatyczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
Kirik 76.15% 0.00% 152.3 Automatyczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
RTM2018 ( 20k ) 1.88% 8.60% 1700.2 Ręczny 1:200 Rzeczywiste
Crypto Master-BD 6.90% 6.26% -4706.4 Automatyczny 1:200 Demo
Shailesh4 374.13% 30.61% 3802.3 Ręczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
Shailesh5 161.94% 22.89% 1665.1 Ręczny 1:100 Rzeczywiste
Sam Winkler 11.28% 54.52% 628.2 Automatyczny 1:200 Rzeczywiste
Sakshyam B 20.49% 54.52% 641.1 Automatyczny 1:400 Rzeczywiste
Priyanka! -99.88% 100.00% 3056.1 Automatyczny 1:400 Rzeczywiste
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Victor S
Sandy_Victor Mar 01 at 15:20
Yogesh Bhalerao is fraud and is now planning to start a hedge fund from a shell compnay in UK
compnay name : Kamalaai group ltd , registered in UK
nature of business : hedge fund, forex trading and brroking house.

full name : Yogesh Vijay Bhalerao
dob : 13th nov 1988
Victor S
Sandy_Victor Mar 01 at 15:19
Samuel Winkler is fake id used by this fraud person real name ypgesh bhalerao

KirikFX - dubai - & its owner Yogesh Bhalerao have cheated me and many of my Indian trading freinds with big amounts.
they took money from us for trading and never paid it to the LB and now he is not traceable.
he operated from dubai under kirikfx brand .. this was the site.
and also the fxbok book pace is as below

billionaire13 is his fxbook id ..
and another id is kamalaai
he is fraud and cheater and is now under indian police as wnated under money laundering case.

he is planning to start a hedge fund in uk shell compnay ...
be aware of him ..

you can contact me if u know any info about him.