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Prince is a registered CTA, a very reliable Forex Professional, Mentor, loyal and well organised individual with the ability to communicate and get on well with people at all levels. Hard-working and willing to learn, I have a good sense of humour allowing me to fit in well in a team environment as well as being able to operate on an individual basis in pressure situations. With great trading skill in Forex, Equities, Options and Futures.

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Elite Forex Traders, LLc is a licensed professional Forex Trading company. Our Trading is based on Intra-day Technical Analysis, utilizing our sophisticated Elite Forex Hybrid Trading system. All our trades are Manual entry with Automatic profit taking and exits. We invite you to join us. Our goal is to make profit, daily! But first, please read this Disclosure: Past performance is not indicative of future results, Forex trading is very risky and not suitable for everyone, only trade with risk capital. Please contact me through private message with any questions. If you like our performance or as we make money together, please kindly remember to leave a positive message here on my wall and also invite your friends to join.

Know your risk before your click.

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EliteFxTrader 277.72% 19.59% 1698.5 Ręczny 1:50 Rzeczywisty
EliteTrader 762.76% 66.23% 3709.5 Ręczny 1:500 Rzeczywisty
EliteFx Managed Account 61.22% 24.30% 973.6 Automatyczny 1:100 Rzeczywisty

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