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We are an elite group of traders with a proven track record. We have been trading for almost 12 years. Our focus is on the majors but we do trade minors as and when the opportunity arises. Our focus is on preserving the capital and minimizing the losses. We are so confident of our system that we have decided to link our trading account to our clients accounts. Basically, we do not have access to our client's funds but we will gain only if our clients will. Our clients trust us with not losing their capital and we trust them to pay us once we have actually booked the profits. Investment, Profit splits, duration of the agreement are confidential and subject to our final confirmation. In laymen's terms, we do not have access to our client's funds in any shape, form, or manner. You can get in touch with us to take matters forward. Look forward to a long-term mutually beneficial business relationship.

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We focus on the fundamentals with a dose of technicals. There are solid fundamentals behind our daily trading activity. Our trades are based on months of analysis culminating in actual trading patterns. We are quick to analyze and react to ever-changing market situations. It is a well-known fact that 90 + percent of retail traders lose money, we prefer to be in the remaining 10 percent. Our trading style is simple and based on facts. We also do technical analysis just to reinforce our trades. Our AIM is to provide at least 5 percent profits a month to our clients.

Prepare, Persevere and Prevail

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