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AAFX Trading Review Scores

Overall score: 4.3 / 5

Total votes: 98
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AAFX Trading Discussion

Malokelv (Malokelv)
May 28 2019 at 06:14
22 posts
AAFX Trading is a well broker for scalping and high-frequency trading. The company doesn't mind their traders opening lots of orders at once. Besides that, AAFX also allows robot trading, which is rare among Forex-brokers. What I like about AAFX is that I can trade the way I want. In fact, I'm not really a scalper, it's just my occasional itch to trade actively. I'm quite fine with spreads as well - they are pretty tight, and then those swap-free Islamic accounts... I've got an AUD/USD deal in process for already a year, and it can easily wait for a year more. I'm sure that this broker will grow a lot more, as for the when - we'll see where it goes :))
Felolune (Felolune)
May 24 2019 at 07:32
14 posts
I joined aafx trading two months ago following the recommendation of my friend; he is trading here for a while. I’m a scalper, and he recommended this broker to me because the conditions for scalping are really nice here. I don’t know any other broker, which could offer convenient scalping options on ecn – but here you can, and it is really profitable. One important rule is not to trade at the moment of the coming out of some important news, if your strategy is not nailed for it, and spreads will be tight. And an additional bonus – shortly I will complete all the requirements of the welcome bonus, this is more than 1000$ from 3000$, which I placed as my first deposit. So this month seems to be very promising.
Bakir (Bakir)
May 07 2019 at 13:52
3 posts
I read all the reviews left here and considered it my duty to tell you my story in order to warn you of the danger that awaits you in the future. I, too, have been an AAFX client for 2 years now - since May 2017. At first everything was fine, responsive support, fast inputs and conclusions, small spreads. I traded through them quite successfully, I have my own profitable trading system. In less than two years I managed to increase my capital 15 times - from $ 1,000 to $ 15,000. And in February of 2019, I applied for withdrawing a large amount, I don’t remember, 3 or 4 thousand USD. Then the trouble started. At first, AAFX was silent for several days, as if it did not see the application. A few more days passed and I wrote to the online chat. They asked to wait a few minutes and ... That's the end, you can't even imagine what they did! And they did it very simply - they took and blocked my account and my trading accounts!!! Now, for two and a half months now, I have not had access either to my account, or to my trading accounts, or to my money!!! My repeated appeals for their support remain without a single answer! During these two and a half months I managed to learn something about AAFX and I have to share this information with you. I’m not the first AAFX client to face such insolence. It turns out that this is their method of work. If the client has a large amount in the account, he will not be able to withdraw his money from this office. AAFX will sooner or later block such a client, and the client will not be able to do anything. Because AAFX is not regulated by anyone and its exact location is not even known. That is why they behave so brazenly. So, know, I appeal to all AAFX clients, if you decide to trade and earn big money through AAFX, then you will not succeed - your money will go to AAFX. My duty is to warn you, and I do it. Choose those brokers who have a regulation. I am ready to answer all your questions. Wish you luck!
Apr 29 2019 at 06:19
48 posts
Aafx is a great broker, totally satisfies me. No problems with trading, a big plus for the first deposit – 35%! And you can make a withdrawal already in 2-3 months if you are trading actively. It turns out to be additional profit, I think it is ultra cool!
Apr 28 2019 at 10:53
31 posts
A good broker to trade with. Spreads are not big, convenient procedures of making a deposit and money withdrawal, and these are the main things. Yes, they don’t have anything like PAMM-MAMM and other tricks, but we are going to talk about trading, then everything is fine. A trader with a robust system can make a profit. I have a good system, so no complaints from my side :))
Apr 26 2019 at 11:28
29 posts
I’m on the demo account with a broker yet. I wanted to say that the support replies promptly. For me, this is the first sign that you can rely on a broker and work with him. I ‘m thinking about opening a real account shortly. They offer a welcome bonus. To be honest, I'm done playing with it, that is why I will be trading without any additional bonus cash, only with my own money…
Apr 22 2019 at 05:15
26 posts
For me, as an acting trader, orders execution and fast money withdrawal are the most important. In aafx, everything is fine with the first and with the second. Besides that, if you trade on ECN- account (and this is exactly what I choose), you can get low spreads. The most critical here is to select the periods with low volatility. I'm trading in Asia and a little bit in Europe, so everything is ok with that. Spreads are not best on the fixed accounts. That`s why professionals switch to ECN from the start. And here you can make a much profit, lower - only zero spreads, except I don't trust it. If a broker offers zero spread, there is a question: how does he make money? He doesn't wipe out its own traders, does he? It is all clear with aafx, I see how much the commission goes to the broker, and it satisfies me.
Apr 21 2019 at 07:01
32 posts
I had one case with aafx trading, when I was overwhelmed. Spoiler, in the end, everything was resolved.
Anyway in about half a year after I started trading, I decided to order money withdrawal. I was withdrawing to a card, as one of my friends who is also trading on aafx recommended me to do. I arranged the withdrawal and was waiting. My money still was not accepted to the card. My friend got them in about 10 minutes, yet I didn't get them not either that evening nor the next morning. I started writing to the broker's tech support. They replied instantly, which was nice. They didn't write me cliches like 'please wait, we are doing all we can do'. The specialist explained that withdrawal to the card is one of the most prolonged ways and it depends on the bank. As I found out later, I just wasn't lucky. My bank doesn't support a kind of system of fast transfers, I forgot its name. That is why I got money only the next evening (the maximum waiting period is three business days).
Everything was resolved. The broker has excellent clients support. By the way, they recommended me to withdraw money through the e-wallet like Webmoney if I want to receive money rapidly, so I don't have to wait like the last time.
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