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ADS Securities London Review Scores

Overall score: 3.0 / 5

Total votes: 15
Customer service
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ADS Securities London Discussion

16 posts
is this another incarnation of ADS Securities from the United Arab Emirates who have horrible reviews on FPA?
7 posts
they are working against clients. Contract specification: Stops Level by 20 and 50 points and Freeze Level by 10 points
Patience pays off
25 posts
I see that ADS is also partnering with Vipro Markets based on their website. Is Vipro one of the Liquidity Providers for ADS?
When I win I win small, when I loose I loose it all!
11 posts
Inreliable company with low-qualified employees who don't keep their words and they can't arrange simple things for months. Not recommended.
10 posts
honnest guys - real small swaps - fast execution - save money
1 posts
really low spreads, although I think what counts more is their fast execution and customer service. Orders we're always placed without delays in the 3+ months I've been trading with them and their chat was quite helpful with some withdrawals I made. And they have a customized MT4 that pack a few more features than the standard, like some advanced alarms and order tickets that I'm enjoying. Hope they will have more bonus offers again :)
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